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Hides notifications if you’re at work, driving or sleeping 📱

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Hello Product Hunt! And thanks a lot Neeraj Thakur @neerajt4 from PH for helping us! We created Wandle so that people would no longer be distracted by unexpected notifications, phone calls and could and concentrate and have rest with more pleasure. Now just after installing the app on the smartphone it automatically adapts to the behavior of the user and selects the desired mode of notification, depending on time and place. We've passed a long way from scratch and here we are. Great thanks to everyone who supports us! Write your opinion and leave comments! :)
Neeraj Thakur
@karkaninja All the best! :)
Anna Laktionova
wwwwoooooowwww i like this App!!!! <3
Nikita Kusonski
@anna_laktionova Thanks a lot! We try to do our best :)
Ann Negrebetskaya
Eeeee, Congratulations!!!
Paul Avdevich
@ann_ne thank you so much for your feedback!
Nice product, guys! I think subscription business model is not the final decision. btw good luck in your niche.
@lapatsueva yep! you're right. Further we are cancel the subscription, make the product completely free for the user and start earning money in the B2B market - by providing SDK to third-party applications in e-commerce and giving them information about more personalized push-notifications for each individual user.
Alexander Nevedovsky
Always good to see BY. Guys, what's your traction and future plans? You've been visible for 2 years already, while the idea still the same.
@alexander_nevedovsky Hi. Our next steps are to cancel a paid subscription, develop an API for third-party services and integrate with customers in the B2B segment. Thanks! P.S. We have been engaged in development for a long time and now we have gained experience :)
Andrew Dunn
Awesome to see another great Android product that helps reduce distractions! We'd love to invite you to join Digital Wellness Warriors - a community of developers invested in a common mission. The first project we worked on together was this Apple petition, so we could offer apps like Wandle to iOS! change.org/p/apple-allow-digital-wellness-developers-to-help-ios-users Message me at andrew@siempo.co to chat :)
Nikita Kusonski
@siempo @aandrewdunn Thanks a lot for your support! We’ll message you soon :)
Howie Young
Yeah, we do need to make good filter for our social life, good job :)
Nikita Kusonski
@howie_young Thanks a lot, we'll be glad to hear your thoughts in the future!