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InVision mobile app–now with Studio Mirroring and Freehand

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Clark Valberg
Clark from InVision here. We’re excited to release a major update of our mobile app. Now you can use Freehand on tablets through a native app. And for InVision Studio fans (our new desktop screen design tool), you can now mirror your mobile designs for real-time feedback. Let us know what you think!
Yannick Mathey
@clarkvalberg Congrats! The real-time feedback is a game changer, no doubt
@clarkvalberg awesomeness! Using InVision has made our design process and approval super fast and exciting! Thank you for creating such an awesome product!
Ivo Vilches
Miguel de Plaza
@clarkvalberg great work! Although neither the android app or the windows version are avaliable yet. More than half a year after launch waiting for the windows version and we dont even have an ETA...
Sean Roberts
@clarkvalberg @alonso_de_rojas
Miguel de Plaza
@clarkvalberg @developsean Yeah I've seen it and I wrote my comment after installing it and realizing that only my prototypes (not my boards or freehand) came up so no difference from the previous app. And to be clear I think you guys are doing a great job truly, it's just that these things piss off people who aren't in the apple ecosystem.
Nachum Kligman
Always impressive and inspiring! Thank you Clark and InVision for leading the way!
Reony Tonneyck
Nice! 👍🏼One question though — How do cursors work on a mobile app? 😅
Juan Germano
Great work Clark! Can't wait to give it a try using the complete ecosystem. Are you guys having any plan on building a Cloud? Basically a place where I can store all my Studio files.
Emmanuel B. Lepage
But as always, Android citizens are second class and must wait for a full developped app.
Jake Tran
Where is my InVision Studio for Windows :(
Miranda Right
Hi there! It is a really nice app here, thank you for sharing it! I would like to get such an app for me too, and I need a developer for it. Can you recommend me something? I have found some interesting thoughts on hiring an offshore developer on and I am thinking about it now. What are your thoughts on it?