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Simona Vojtěšková
Hi Product Hunters! Let me introduce you a brand new travel website - Sygic Maps ( We have turned the original travel planner Sygic Travel ( into Sygic Maps and as the name suggests, the planner is now built around the map. Unlike other online maps, Sygic Maps displays places of interest directly on the map, making trip planning and navigation easier than ever. Thanks to its integrated itinerary maker, you can build a day-by-day trip plan or just save interesting places for later. Planned trips and favorite places can be synced directly with the Sygic Travel app. The website also features a handy travel guide for more than 10,000 destinations, photo galleries, 360° videos, hotel search, recommended tours and tickets and web route planner - an essential feature that allows users to plan and share their route comfortably on a computer and then send it to their Sygic GPS Navigation App for mobile. Feel free to ask us anything! We also appreciate any feedback or suggestions.
Bram Taylor
Awesome! Can't wait to use this on my next trip.
Colin Winhall
This looks great! full of useful data. I can think of several more ways to use this data though, one of which was part of a Startup Weekend project that I was part of. I noticed that you have a B2B solutions offering. Could you explain a bit more about the data structure and API and costs associated? I like transparency and hate it when all I see on a page like that is "Get in touch". Makes me feel as though I am about to get ripped off by a sales person.
Barbora Nevosadova
@colinwinhall Hi Colin, thanks a lot! We provide the access to the data via API or as a data file, there are over 24 million POIs in our database. For popular places you would get data about location, place description, photos, 360° videos, opening hours, admission fees, contact information, tags etc. The places are ranked by popularity and they are categorized. You can find the API documentation at Pricing is available at If you want to try the API out, just drop me a line at and I will send you a test API key (and I promise there will be no ripping off by a sales person ;-).
Csaba Kissi
Great addition to the Sygic ecosystem.
Looks great! The domain + subdomain seems kind of impossible to remember though.
Vitaliy Hayda
Main search for locations is fine, but Route Planner search wasn't able to find "yellowstone", "salt lake city airport", "madison campground", etc... Anyhow - cool concept! I know few other sites that do it - but with some to improvements, it might be the best I know. Great foundation & design! ---------- Here is an idea [based on my upcoming trip actually :) ] 1. I have a basic trip idea, for example Portland to Salt Lake City through Yellowstone. 2. Once I plot that route, I want to see recommended attractions close to the route! The better the attraction (reviews for example) - the further away from the route it can be recommended! 3. With some filters, for example - no museums, but more hikes, etc. Then you can expand on it: 4. Once I'm done adding waypoints AND then do grouping of those stops into days - result is some sort of itinerary. 5. Then I should be able to export that to Google MyMaps. This way I can then open the map in Google Maps for the actual real world navigation between waypoints. 6. Also - rental car & flight booking should be suggested based on my itinerary. For this case - arrival to Portland before noon and departure from Salt Lake City after 6pm, so that we have as much time traveling as possible. etc, etc, etc. Good luck!
Barbora Nevosadova
@vitaliy_hayda Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions. I will look into the search, it should be working ok for the terms that you mentioned.
Mateusz Gaździak
Hi, What is your tech stack?
Barbora Nevosadova
@mateusz_gazdziak We use our internal SDK - TypeScript, Yarn, Webpack at the Web - AngularJS 1.7, Yarn, Gulp, Sentry (logging)
Robert Magrino
Missing information that I can find easily on google maps or For example, there is a renown bed and breakfast close to where i live, but it is not listed. Also, there is a ski and sport shop that is not listed. These are places that I would want to see if I was traveling in an unknown or new area.
Barbora Nevosadova
@rmagrino Thanks for the feedback, we are working on the content, but it is possible that in some destinations places can be missing.
Chris Messina
I used Google My Maps for this for my recent trip to London, but I like the focus here. Reminds me RoadTripper.
Arkanath Pathak
Would love if we can tune this further for photography-interested audiences as well!
Barbora Nevosadova
@arkanath We would love to do that, but we are not sure it would be feasible for us right now.
Hannah Konitshek
Love the idea. Quick question though - you can create a "list" in Google Maps and then share it with people. Why not just create a traveler centric map that someone can just add on to their existing Google Maps app? I did this in Japan so that I could easily see the 20 - 30 places I wanted to visit, and it was integrated directly with transit and whatnot. Here is my public map for Tokyo for anyone interested:
Barbora Nevosadova
@hannahkonnn We enable sharing your trip itinerary with other travellers at the moment. Sharing a list on a map sounds also interesting.
Jonathan Richman
First? What about my company Roadtrippers (
Barbora Nevosadova
@jonmrich I believe Roadtrippers are more of an travel planner as we were with Tripomatic/Sygic Travel. Now we have moved more to the maps. We do love your service, but we launched our original product a year before you (June 2011) ;-)
Ronald Liu
You guys should consider offering a trial period for newcomers before they have to pay
Barbora Nevosadova
@ronaldaliu The website is completely free, so you can test it out there. We are considering trial periods for the mobile apps.
Lee Qixian
Looking forward to a mobile app version and maybe offline mode (like google maps I guess but with the additional data all pre filled in already)
Barbora Nevosadova
@swiftpolar We do have mobile apps for both iOS and Android with offline mode ( and
Lee Qixian
@barbora_nevosadova Ah I'm embarrassed that I missed that out. I'll take a look at it, currently planning a trip for the year end using Google maps and bookmarking places. Let's see how this fits in. Thanks!
Barbora Nevosadova
@swiftpolar I hope you will have a wonderful trip!
Lola Tesla
I used this during my trip to Barcelona. Loved it! Agree that the offline mode would be helpful. Also would be cool to be able to do a loop back to your origin point.
Barbora Nevosadova
@lolatesla Great to hear that! The offline mode is available at our mobile apps.
Shantanu Raghav
Great maps! It would be great if you can also show metro maps or public transport routes like airbnb does.
Barbora Nevosadova
@shantanu_raghav Thanks! You are reading our mind, we should add information about public transport really soon ;-)
B Beldagli
This is what I was waiting for a long time. Planning a trip is always a pain. Sygic is wonderfully solved this problem... Congratulations.
Barbora Nevosadova
@bbeldagli Thanks a lot!
Nikolai Lebedovsky
Nice! got the paid app too, will use it on my trips next week.
Simona Vojtěšková
@russianpilgrim Great to hear that!