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Gyroscope 2.0

Now with Places, a new Moves replacement

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Chris Messina
Perhaps the biggest feature of this release is the Moves import... which worked flawlessly for me!
Thomas Radman
How does it track my sleep? My phone is usually docked at night.
Binoy Xavier Joy
@tomradman Sleep AI
James Ivings 🇩🇪🇪🇺
How are you dealing with Moves shutting down? Is there a replacement app for tracking movements?
Binoy Xavier Joy
@jamesivings Yup! "Gyroscope 2.0 introduces our new Places tracking, a better replacement for the Moves integration."
James Ivings 🇩🇪🇪🇺
@binoyxj perfect!
Flávio Alves
I have a question. I have everything connected to my google fit account: sleep data from "sleep as android", my meditation, my heart rate from miiband 2, etc. My question is: why don't you retrieve and use all that info from google fit, and why do you only get the step count from google fit?
Anand Sharma
@aitheral the google fit API is not great. if we could get more things from it reliably we would love to
Flávio Alves
@aprilzero I understand. You should look to the example of They get most of their information from google fit. But awesome product! Wish I could use it to its full potential!
Florin Mehedinti
Any plans for Apple watch integration?
Anand Sharma
@florincm yep, it already gets steps, heart rate, hrv and resting heart rate from the apple watch. and the sleep AI also makes use of the apple watch data. you can see it in the app after setting up the health sync
Scott Williams
No mention of the Annual Report feature (and book)? It's absolutely amazing.
Andrey Esaulov
Great app - very straightforward approach - just connects the bunch of data from different apps (strava, health kit etc.) and shows it in very cool design. The virality and engagement (retention) were in focus of the developers. One can see that that everything is evolving around virality of the app.
Neil Jain
love the update! Might be a stretch in terms of integration possibilities, any plans for integrating Samsung Gear S3 data? (steps, sleep, BP...)?