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Affinity Designer for iPad

Professional graphic design

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Hey @philipamour, Is this a product you use? How does it compare to other graphic design products?
Philip Amour
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline! As a Product Designer, I mainly use Sketch on macOS for UI design as it's a tool made for UI design. I don't have illustration or graphic design skills so that's something to keep in mind. Affinity Designer is great as a replacement for Adobe Illustrator (and better in every single way). I have used Affinity Designer briefly for a bit of icon design work, it's not too bad for that. It's also a great tool for illustrators who want a vector based tool that allows for high fidelity results. But UI design is a pain as the tool wasn't optimized for that. It's made mainly for illustrators and folks who do vector work.
Daniel Roger Casanova
How does this stack against concepts and procreate, the apps I currently use?
Philip Amour
@danirogerc It really depends on what you do. 😊 Procreate is amazing but it's a bitmap based tool so you have a fixed pixel canvas you're working with. That means once you draw something, you can't really edit it later. Also you can't scale stuff or down without losing quality. Affinity Designer is mainly vector based tool so any part of the illustration you do can be adjusted later (adjusting shape, changing color, scaling, moving, etc.) and can be theoretically scaled to infinity. I haven't used concepts yet so I can't comment on that.
Abheyraj Singh
@danirogerc I think the major advantage of this is going to be interoperability with your desktop workflow. If you have Affinity Designer on desktop which is a great Adobe Illustrator alternative, you can continue where you left off. Or even if you don't have affinity designer, you can export your vector sketches from your iPad in SVG, PDF or any other open format and continue working on it in Illustrator. Procreate only has raster export IMO and I haven't used concepts
Manase Fidimalala
Nice to see it on iPad. I loved the desktop version
Mikel Steffen
The desktop version of this amazing. Can't wait to try the iPad version!
Chris Kellett
It is fast, fully featured and just incredible. Then adding in using an Apple Pencil makes it probably the best design tool on the market - and thats coming from a Adobe user that uses Photoshop, Illustrator and XD on a daily basis. I will be switching as time goes on for sure.
Dustin Daniels
Haven't used it, but looks very promising. So ready to ditch the Adobe tax.
Egor Komarov
best app ever!