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Discover trends in the popularities of stocks on Robinhood

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Ryan Hoover
Any particularly interesting learnings so far, @ameobea10?
Casey Primozic
@rrhoover I've observed that there seem to be two different "modes" that investors get in for some particular stock. Either they buy more as the price goes up and sell as it goes down (as you can imagine, quite counterproductive) or "buy the dip" and take profit when it goes up. It's been interesting to see which stocks fit into which basket.
Jasper van der Meij
Would be nice to be able to filter this on stocks & crypto :)
@jvdmeij There is a search bar or did you mean filter by sectors?
Jasper van der Meij
@kay_tan By sector indeed. So show me all crypto assets, or all tech stocks.
Casey Primozic
@jvdmeij That's a great idea! I've added it on to the future work on the Github repo. It'd be really interesting to see how the polarities of different sectors change, and how the popularities of the stocks within them change with respect to each other. Thanks for the suggestion!