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Clock In

Effortlessly track and visualize your hourly wages

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Jordan Ford
Hi Product Hunt, we’re Brogan, a dev/design duo! We wanted to make a shift tracking app that looked beautiful and simplified the process. Clock In offers: - Light and dark mode - One press clock-in - Pay period, overtime, and holiday pay support - Color-coded jobs - Easy exporting Thanks for checking us out! We’re here to answer questions and take feedback below 👇🏻
Divyansh Patel
Nice Product @jordan I like the colour-coded jobs feature which easily differentiates the jobs and the earnings. i can see Easy Exporting will save a lot of time and efforts for freelancers. How did you came up with this idea of making the app?
Logan Isitt
Hey @divjpatel I came up with the idea back when I was working part time as a cashier. I was just getting into programming and figured I could make a time tracking app for practice. It looks nothing like it did then, I didn't realize I'd be working on it for years to come.
Chris Henderson
Love the UX and the simplicity.
Jay Maloney
Really wish I had access to this app back when I worked retail, it's beyond easy to use, and well designed.