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The true influence of any Twitter account

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Ryan Hoover
Just ran my stats (the full report includes a lot more than this): I'm curious how the volume of tweets affects these rankings. I would expect to see those that tweet more to depress engagement per tweet on average as the Twitter algorithm will only highlight 1 or 2 tweets in the "what you missed" section. Measuring engagement based on the number of impressions (not followers) would be a better measurement of "twinfluence" (sorry... terrible pun).
Chris Messina
@rrhoover you scored a 58 and I got a 55. Does that mean we both earned F's?! 😋
ⓂMatt hartman
@rrhoover just did mine (but cant include pics in a reply on the mobile app). I like the comparison of engagement to others with similar followers. Would be cool to see what gets engagement for them / not just the obvious tweets which get engagement
Massimo Chieruzzi
The "related accounts" tab is what surprised me the most. Even tho' I'm not very active in twitter it did an amazing job highlighting related accounts that were extremely relevant! Great job @randfish & @caseyhen. Are you already planning an API for this? Lot's of integration opportunities here!
Esteve Castells
Ran my stats and I was surprised on the amount of interesting data vs. your friends/market average. Also: congratulations on the time-to-market for SparkScore and Trending, blazing fast!
Sam Jacobson
And with Twitter removing all the fake bot accounts. What will happen to scores?
Checkout my stats:
Erick Barron
I've been following Rand for years on moz blog and whenever I see his name, I know I'll get something of high value. Congrats on the app - I'll try it out when I'm home. 😊
Debdut Mukherjee
Pretty good. But, more insights are needed. For e.g. custom suggestions on what can be done to improve the score.
Davis Baer
@digitaldebdut What exactly do you want them to tell you? Be more interesting? Tweet better content?
Ganpat Sherawat
Best of luck Rand 👍
Matt Aunger
This is such a great tool. Great job Casey and Rand. 👏 I'm not 100% convinced verified status should carry as much weight, as it's decided by Twitter and feels like a pretty arbitrary way to measure current influence. I don't think Twitter are verifying accounts right now, either. So newly notable accounts would be done a disservice there. That said, I don't know what weight is given to account age and things of that nature. So it might be a moot point. In any case, I'm very impressed and incredibly excited to see the pro product when it launches next year.
Jignesh Gohel
Finally this product is launched, Just tried it and looks promising but would love to see other social media tools. @Rand Will you share more information about other social media accounts integration?
David Hunter
I love it. My score is only 4, and that's perfect because if I was going to score my Twitter profile I would have given it a 4 as well. Great work Rand & team :)
Aman Gupta
Great one.. I'll post mine soon
Hannes Johnson
I like the Engagement Score. Especially since mine is much, much higher than my SparkScore 😉
William LeGate
I'd love to hear more about the methodology behind the scoring… I got a 93 which seems awfully high given scoring on other analytics tools like SocialBlade.
Alexandre Giess
Transparency builds trust and confidence, making a tool like this one more likely to be used. As a marketer, I would want to know then which influencer matches the best with my brand's target audience so I can optimize my outreach program efforts and marketing spend accordingly. This is a good first step in moving away from murky influencing to brand affinity. It reminds of my past life using affinity matrixes to help brands assess sponsorship opportunities. Looking forward to the release @randfish @caseyhen!
Nihal Hassan
Yup! Damages your self esteem. Great product though. The world has too many self-proclaimed influencers and a score like this helps. Might be the social media version of the Moz DA.
Justin Johnson
The only thing disappointing about the app is that I’m not incredibly influential on Twitter! Otherwise pretty interesting - at first I thought it was another Klout, but it seems to offer a lot more valuable info. And coming from Rand I’m confident it will only get better.
Kevin Strasser
Rand...nicely done I like the UX and design of it a lot. I do have one major suggestion -- I would consider killing or diminishing the verification bump in your scoring. Verification in today's Twitter offers little to no consistency. You will see people who have blogged a few times for HuffPo with a few hundred followers have a blue check over someone with 100K followers & engaged following and 10 years of tweets with nothing. It is senseless and also seems like it has become politicized as well making it more senseless. I have 56K followers, 10 years of pretty good tweets, am a published author, and have done Twitter marketing work for hundreds of famous musicians, entertainers, politicians, and business leaders. I also founded three innovative SaaS businesses that focus on Twitter. No blue check for me either...
Haydar Özkömürcü
They do not have any similarity with Klout. My Klout score was 79, Spark score 31. They must change the algorithm, it's not about engagement rate or RT number. Influence rate must not ask how many retweets, it must ask who retweeted.
Romain Violleau
Very interesting product for social people focused on Twitter 👌 Great job guys!