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The Re:Growth Podcast, Season One

Growth insights from top B2B marketers.

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Franco Varriano
A great new podcast with a unique angle on marketing, growth hacking & advertising insights from industry pros. Highly recommend subscribing to this one - can't wait to listen to more!
Moe Amaya
I browsed the first 6 episodes and I saw a couple striking things. First there appears to be an emphasis on brand (I’m a fan) in half the episodes which seems rare for a growth podcast! More critically the interviewed companies and guests are all coming from large established companies (except for Drift) so would love to see more diverse scale of companies involved.
Vanessa King
@moeamaya We definitely noticed the emphasis on brand as well, which was especially interesting since the marketers came from such different types of companies. And thank you for that feedback, we will definitely keep that in mind for Season 2. Do you have any companies that you'd love to hear from?
Moe Amaya
@vanessanking there are so many I’d love to hear from; here’s a few organized by marketing type. SEO - NerdWallet, Canva. Open Source: NPM, Gitlab. Platform(?) - Netlify, Imgix. Referral - Airtable, Notion
Matt Harney
Very cool, look forward to listening.
Matthew Kammerer
Woo! Thanks for hunting, Franco. Season 1 was a serious learning curve for me. I'm excited to hear PH community feedback to help craft a strong Season 2.
Bryan M. Blanchot
I just listened to 5 episodes out of 6 in two days and I'm really pleased with this podcast. It is quite different from most podcasts out there and there's a good mix of theoretical vs actionnable content. Keep up the good work 💪
Vlad Korobov
@mkammerer @joshuaschnell @vanessanking BuySellAds team, you are very active this year. How come?
Joshua Schnell
@vladkorobov ...because we're awesome. ;)