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RightAsk by RightMessage

The most intelligent way to gather data from your visitors

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Dana Severson
Hey Product Hunter's! Dana here - Head of Growth over at RightMessage.com. I'm super excited to introduce you all to RightAsk. Which, in our opinion, is the biggest advancement in personalization marketing to date. RightMessage, the team/company behind RightAsk, is built on the principle idea that, when you try to speak with everyone, you actually reach no one. The problem is, most marketing websites today, say the same thing to everyone. There is NO doubt that when you are able to dynamically change your copy and calls-to-action to match the precise needs of your unique visitors, conversions increase and revenue goes up. In fact, we see it happen every day with our customers at RightMessage. But … understanding the needs of each of your visitors is tricky, especially if they’re anonymous. You can passively understand your visitors based on which site they came from, which ad they clicked on or what content their reading … but … wouldn’t it be amazing if they just told you what mattered to them most instead? There are a ton of tools out there that allow you to survey visitors to collect data. BUT … what good is that data if you can’t immediately use it to turn that visitor into a customer? We developed RightAsk to address that exact problem. RightAsk is a tool that allows you unobtrusively gather data from visitors who are browsing through your website and immediately action their answers to personalize their experience with your website. The tool is intelligent enough to remember who has already answered what and syncs the data back to your ESP or CRM — even if they were anonymous when they first answered them. We believe this has the power to completely change the way you optimize your website for conversions. I'll be on Product Hunt throughout the day to answer any questions!
Roland Clifford
if i have enough maney i give it thise project to develop