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Guillaume Bardet
Hello Product Hunters 👋 

I don’t listen to radio very often but when I do this is the app I’ve used. I have also had some friends mention that they just leave that playing throughout the day at the office. • Play 40,000+ worldwide radio stations on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch • Enjoy our extremely reliable radio tuner. Eliminating drops is our top priority • Save your favorite stations and listen to them in one tap Find specific content based on your interests: • Trending music • Specific music genres (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Folk & more) • Live sports like NBA, NHL, MLB and Nascar • Breaking news • Talk radio
Arnò S Sergheevici
@guillaumebardet agree, this is the best radio app. been using it for years now. Made by Streema which is a site/directory of all the radio stations worldwide.
Raphaël Chabaud
Been a user for some time, indeed best radio app I have found on the play store so far. I don't listen a lot to the radio anymore though as French radio (especially the state radio) is mainly reporting news through a liberal/leftwing-ideology framework. I still love audio content and prefer to use a podcast app. Podcast is for radio what youtube is for tv.