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VASTCLICKS - Attract, Convert And Retain More Customers

A smarter URL shortener for Digital Marketers

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Sometime sharing content feels like a bit of random process. I have no idea what resonates with my network and they have no idea why I shared it with them. VASTCLICK gives me these analytics while also allowing me to add context to the link. Great work @stuart. What’s your roadmap?
Stuart McLeod
Hey everyone! I want to start with a big thank you to @grantmac_ for hunting us this morning. 🚀 It has been a crazy and exciting time for us at VASTCLICKS so let me share a bit more about our journey and answer Grants question about our roadmap. The whole idea started way back in the middle of last year and grew out of our own frustration running campaigns at our performance marketing agency Adidit. Every marketer has a number of tools and resources in their battle chest but a lot of what we were using was becoming a disjointed experience, and we still had the challenge of getting campaigns out quicker - which often came down to creating content. So we sketched out everything we thought we needed to relieve our headaches and focused on what we could build as an in-house tool for our own purposes. Fast forward to the end of last year and we had a working tool with no name, however it did exactly what we needed at that point. Which left the question, if it worked for us why wouldn't it work for others. And so VASTCLICKS was born, offering everything we originally built and a lot more as a SaaS solution to everyone. Regarding our Roadmap @grantmac_ We have more detailed Analytics coming in the next few days which show more than just link clicks, CTA clicks and conversion rates. We have the Messenger feature in the last stage of approval with Facebooks dev team, this will be the start of us introducing a full Messenger bot functionality into the platform. We are looking to add an RSS feature so you can pull in a blog feed and choose which articles you want to use. More CTA options and behaviours will be made available and browser extensions will follow, to allow users to add the article or page they are on as a VASTCLICKS link. We'll be here all day to answer any questions or queries you might have, so fire away! Thanks Stuart