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Startup School 2018

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Ramon Recuero
Hi everyone, Startup School course is back! Startup School is a free, 10-week, online course. It’s designed for any startup founder who would like to get help through the earliest, most difficult challenges of starting a company. The course will begin on August 27, 2018 and applications are now open at For the first time ever we are going to give $10,000 in equity-free funding to 100 of the most promising companies that join and complete the course. You can check the full announcement here: Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you
Vivan Jayant
@ramonrecuero Ooh, the website has been completely redone since yesterday! I was signed up for the mailing list for when registrations opened, but never got a notification. I guess PH is a better source of info!
Ben Tossell
@ramonrecuero applied and finally Im working on something thats full time and generating revenue! Looking forward to it! Will the course have the same lessons as previously? How will the program actually work?
Ramon Recuero
Thanks @bentossell. The course will have completely new lessons. You can also head to the content library to check past material.
Ben Tossell
@ramonrecuero oh great, have seen the past material so was just checking! :)
Ramon Recuero
@vivan Yep, we completely redesigned the site ;) We just published it today Notifications will kick in once we near the application deadlines
Vivan Jayant
@ramonrecuero Signed up! I met someone who is part of SS at the Indie Hackers meetup a few weeks back which got me super interested in it. Look forward to it!
Steven Pham
@ramonrecuero @bentossell There will be completely new lessons, with some deeper-dives into a few things we covered briefly last year. We'll share the curriculum soon!
Roman Eaton
@ramonrecuero also applied, we're launched and have some user tested the product. Seems that by the 20th will have first paying users
Greig Cranfield
@ramonrecuero Applied :) thanks for sharing.
@ramonrecuero hey Ramon, i understand that you are taking in everyone but sign up is closed. Can I still be part of this batch. I can argue (video if needed !) why this is perfect timing for Universal Voucher project :)
Spencer Bratman
@ramonrecuero this looks awesome, I can see a lot more progress has been made since the last startup school from a website point of view. Here's some feedback/idea. Have a 5/10 multiple choice survey that people can fill out which tells them if they're ready for startup school. It will help you weed out who to focus on, as well as inform you the type of people interested in startup school, as well as give prospective startups a good idea if they're a good fit for the program. Hope that helps.
Ramon Recuero
@spencerbratman thank you. We have definitely thought about automating the selection process. However it is really difficult to mark a clear line. As you know, with startups things are not black and white. We ended up just defaulting to a simple one: If you are already working on an idea, sign up to get access to mentors, chance to get equity free funding and thousands of dollars in cloud credits + Stripe. Otherwise, you can get to enjoy all the startup content anyway :)
Andrew Rasmussen
Wow! Can we do it again? (serious question) I wrote a blog post about our experience from last year's Startup School. Might be worth a read if you're considering it!
Steven Pham
@a13n Hi Andrew! Yes, of course you can! You'll just need to fill out the form again :)
@a13n @svkpham Seriously, we can do it again?
Anfernee Chansamooth
@a13n good writeup. Completely agree that 1 mentor to 20 startups is not ideal.
Shaomeng Zhang
As someone who has subscribed to the podcast and Youtube playlist. How much of the video course will be new vs old content/lecturer/strategies? Thank you!
Ramon Recuero
@randomor 100% new. We will post the new curriculum in the next couple weeks
Justin Zheng
This looks great! One problem, the character counts for the application questions are really small. The What/Why answer boxes are alright but the How Far Along Are You question only allows for 60 characters.
Ramon Recuero
@legionof7 Thank you. We increased the limits. Feel free to edit your answers under Settings
@legionof7 @ramonrecuero It still has the 60 characters limit.
Marek Dlugos
Why don't you allow access to forum for "audit users" as well? It might be valuable for people that want to start working on a startup.
Chris Sheffield
This is great, just signed up and gives me plenty of time to flesh out an idea I have been working on.
Constantine Sharandak
Andrew Rodebaugh
Applied! Really excited!
@svkpham I was interested to read that last year over 13,000 companies applied to participate in Startup School, and 95 YC alumni volunteered their time to advise over 2,800 of those companies. Are you able to provide any background on how you decide which applications make it through the pairing process?
Lauren H
@ramonrecuero I submitted my application last night but edited some of my answers to the questions this morning. Will you see the latest version when you review my app?
Ramon Recuero
@lmgj99 Yes, you can edit your application as much as you want until August 13th
Anik Ahmed
Hi everyone for the firstjdjdjhdbben hdhbdbd
Sergey Pirogov
Applied. Waiting for August 20!
Wasim Ullah
@nolimits @gralston Received a confirmation email for advisor track. A few minutes later, says apologies and confirms audit track. Is the second confirmed or a software error again?
Osman Erdi Balcıoğlu
Juphy has been selected 🎉 Thank You to @ramonrecuero @svkpham @nolimits
Anita Yustisia
Assemblr just got admitted too! Can't wait to start the course and meet other founders in the community.
Stas Kulesh
I think is in.
Hieu Nguyen (Jack)
I received 2 email and the later one was an acceptance to Startup School, still a little confusing. Congrats for those who got accepted and looking forward to it
Looks like got accepted, sweet!
Alex Circei
Pleased to announce that Waydev ( was accepted to YC Startup School Advisor Track!