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Help a Scientist

Contribute to a real scientific project in your spare time

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David Huang
Hey everyone, it's me, the soon-to-be-18 year-old, back at it again with another fun side project. Not only do I love making things, but I also love science. I taught myself React and made Help a Scientist, a Chrome extension that tries to do some amount of social good. HaS replaces your new tab page with a randomly-chosen way to contribute to a citizen science project. Ask me anything. I crave feedback.
Liam McKay
@thisisdavidh Lovely little project, best of luck with it!
David Huang
@liammckay Thanks!
First last
@thisisdavidh Great project ! Keep up the good work !
Emily Niemann
Cool! Can you pick what kind of projects you can contribute?
David Huang
@emilyniemann It's currently pulling random projects from the SciStarter API, but I would love to add that feature if enough people need it.
[deleted user]
David Huang
Yosi Rahimi
Nice project I'd add some screenshots to the landing page so potential users will understand how it works.
David Huang
@rahimiyosi Great idea! I'm in the process of redesigning the landing page.
Kanika Bhutani
Such a cool extension. Increases my interest more towards science. Keep creating things like this.
David Huang
@kanikabhutani2 Thanks! Glad to hear that you're more interested in science!
Gulten Asgerli
It's awesome !!!!
Sona Shukla
Such an amzing work at such a small age. This would increase interest of science in people. Great Work.