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Quartz V5

The new version of Quartz

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Damn this site is beautiful! Love the "Obsessions" page (https://qz.com/obsessions/)
Julien 🅿️IAO
Just woahhhhh. Never Seen an information website so beautifull with a top readability like this.
Louis de Vaumas
Nice progressive web app!
Vivek Sancheti
Is the app live? How to use it? I couldn't find. My Bad tags confused it seems like new mobile website not new app.
@evivz It's a web app, which means it's both. If you're looking for a mobile app specifically, check out Quartz news bot, it's what I use every day to get my fix on iOS.
Jason Bahl
Very fast. Love seeing WPGraphQL performing so well in production on a high traffic site like this!
Babken Karapetyan
I need this app, it so interest and look pretty well.
Ethan ✏
TBH I used to love Quartz, until it became this optimized for clicks news network. Too many dark patterns to keep me reading more articles when I just come for a specific story.
Wesley Tee
I wished the web app is the same as the iOS app/android app. I don't want to read news like it was a conversation:(
@wesley_tee it's a pwa - just save it onto your homescreen and it'll perform jusy like a native app :)