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Coin Stats 2.0

Cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker

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Narek Gevorgyan
PH friends! We’re super excited to be up on product hunt today! It’s been a little over 1 year since we launched the beta for the Coin Stats app to the AppStore. We had no idea what we were in for :) What a year We created the app to have one single place to research and track every coin, follow the market, and track our portfolio’s day to day, hour by hour (and ok, sometimes… minute-by-minute) Since our launch, we’ve been so excited to see everyone take hold of the app using Coin Stats every day and making Coin Stats now the top Crypto Portfolio tracking app on the AppStore We've been updating the app a few times a month during the last year reaching more than 500 thousand active users and being used and loved by top folks in the crypto community (including Kevin Rose) Today, over $3.5 Billion in Ethereum is being tracked by Coin Stats users in the app via synced wallets. (much more added manually) Coin Stats users own almost 10% of all Ethereum in existence (!) We’re a full-time team and we listen to our users. Please check out Coin Stats 2.0 and let us know what you think. Listening to our users has helped us grow so much and we’d love to hear your thoughts and what you’d like to see changed or updated. See you in the comments! Narek, Founder @ Coin Stats
Anthony Da Mota
Best crypto tracker for iOS so far!
Narek Gevorgyan
@akdm_ Thanks for the support! We're trying to improve everyday.
Artashes Vardanyan
@narek_gevorgyan it has such a comfortable ux
Narek Gevorgyan
@artashesvar Thank you!
Wes Cowan
The only app I use to track my cryptocurrencies... Beautiful UX & dynamically updates all of my holdings in one place... Love it!
Narek Gevorgyan
@wes_cowan Thank you Wes!
Aris Nersissian
great product, keep it up
Geoff Abbott
Doesn’t seem to be working:( I keep losing my money, please help!
Narek Gevorgyan
@geoff_abbott Hi, what issue are you having exactly? We're happy to assist you if you contact us at
Ouriel Ohayon
loved the simple onboarding. never saw something like it before. interface too heavy in my opinion though
Alexander Smekhov
I love this app, I've been using it for quite a long time