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An end-to-end testing framework for Javascript 🛠️

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Vinayak Ranade
We use Cypress on our team and it's awesome!
Harshit Paul
Looks like a great utility product.
Frederik ET
We use Cypress at where I work and it's incredibly powerful! We have had some problems with the blur and focus function where we have used the click function instead (for focus click on element and blur click on another random element without an event binding). Another thing I personally think could be improved is the error messages. It doesn't seem to return back a line number of where the error or test failed, so you will have to find it by yourself.
Michael Ziörjen
I'm using cypress and while it's super easy to setup and use there are a ton of things you can tweak to make it fit your needs. I'm using it to test the critical paths in my react application and so far everything has been working perfectly fine.
Rene Escobar
Works beautifully
Parwinder Bhagat
Great product. I’ve used cypress in the past to automate some mundane tasks. Introduced it to the team and now we use it for end to end test case. Works so well!
Guido Arata
Sounds very promising, will check it out! Can you help me understand what are the advantages over building a Selenium test suite? Thanks and all the best!
Gleb Bahmutov
@guido_arata this page answers how this is different pretty well
Pavel 'Strajk' Dolecek
I highly recommend this (already 2 years old) talk by Cypress father Brian Mann, never seen anybody so enthusiastic about testing!
Arsen Hakobian