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Open source free ICO smart-contract builder

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Nikita Kolmogorov
Hello everyone! Nikita's here. I've built Fondu as a proof of concept — wondered if I could automate the whole smart-contract creation thing. Looks like it worked. So, yeah, if you'll ever need to raise funds through Ethereum and issue ERC20 tokens — you now have a tool to do so in ~15 mins. Hope it will be useful to somebody. Cheers! P.S., maybe an even cooler feature is the fully automatic deploy script I wrote :) it can actually deploy any smart-contracts written with Truffle. On local and test networks it literally does *everything* automatically, on live network it is almost automatic — it creates Ethereum address and asks you to transfer Ethereum there. Don't worry though, it creates your address using geth and this address is stored securely at your local storage :3
Astghik Azaryan
Can you please tell what are the specifics of crowdfunding in Ethereum?
Nikita Kolmogorov
@astghik_azaryan sure! These links should get you started: In general, Fondu allows you to create Ethereum address (contract) that distributes ERC 20 tokens to whoever sends Ethereum there. So it's like a usual funding campaign, but finders get tradable ERC20 tokens in return :)
confused techie
Is there a mechanism to update the contract once it has been deployed to the blockchain? This is a big problem for most ICOs as there are no bug free codes.
Nikita Kolmogorov
@itsshashank unfortunately, there is no such mechanism due to the pure nature of the blockchain technology and to how Ethereum smart-contract system has been built. This is exactly the reason why Fondu deploy script supports local and test Ethereum networks :) so that people can try out and test smart contracts prior to publishing them. Also, Fondu uses OpenZeppelin open source smart-contracts as a base, and afaik their smart-contracts have been tested in production thoroughly.
Peter Jenkins
Nice one!
Hey Nikita nice product! I am from your telegram channel. That smart contracts only on ETH?
Nikita Kolmogorov
@muhamed_kanapiya hi there! Glad you like my channel :) Fondu only supports ETH at the moment. If I'll have more time, I'll probably add EOS support later :)
Gabriel Price
Nikita, this is awesome! YOU are awesome! I have looked for this exact thing for some time now. Thankfully, I found this. Would you be interested in helping to launch a real ICO? We need someone that can write a specific type of smart contract. This idea involves a coin/wallet and smart-contract feature that will be truly disruptive. Any help that you can lend wpuld be appreciated and regardless, I will be sending some of this ERC-20 token your way, once we release it - you have already helped a enormous amount!