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Jean-Elie Barjonet
I have been a full time Javascript developer for a couple of years now, and every couple of months a new great technology pops out that is supposed to revolutionize Javascript web development. Frameworks, databases, tools, editors, there are lot of those and I enjoy to see how things are improved for web developers each time 🙏 When it comes to developing a new project I feel like I have to be fast and efficient. I don't really take the time to dig into completely new stuff for new projects otherwise it takes 2 times longer to build and ship them, so I postpone "new tech experimentations" to later. The goal with drystack is to help developers get a clear vision of nice technologies and tools they could use. I tried to keep a balance between already mature techs and new ones, but I know it is not perfect. I thought it could help some developers make up their minds and maybe discover new tools they did not know about! 💻
La Voix du chat artiste
I love some much all thoses Rubies flying in the sky ....
Edwin Carbajal
Arsen Hakobian
nice job!