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Couch Potato

The world’s first sit-tracker

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Tristan Pollock
There are enough people in the world walking laps around the office just to close their Apple watch rings or reach their step goals, and they get enough encouragement. That's why Burrow created Couch Potato, a new app that tracks your daily inactivity, and even rewards you for lounging or Netflix binging on the couch. Watch your potato grow from tater-tot to Po-great-o while unlocking rewards.
Erica Amatori
@writerpollock Thanks for hunting Couch Potato Tristan! Here all day to help Product Hunter's do absolutely nothing, but of course get rewarded for doing it ;) If you're on your couch looking at PH and don't have the Couch Potato app, you're doing it wrong!
Sona Madoyan
Cool Idea )
Daniel Greenberg
This could be my new favorite app 😊🤪😀🤩
I think it will inspire people to workout more, awesome idea!
Cameron McRae
Ah finally someone who understands me.
Gabriel Whaley
I'm almost too lazy to download this app. *Update:* just downloaded.
Anuj Khandelwal
But real talk, how can I become po-GREAT-o? #lifegoals
Erica Amatori
@akhandelwal90 Get comfy on the couch ;)
Brendon Rell
Liking the branding of this a lot, great stuff! Will give it a shot.
Royce Abrams
Now I don't have to get off my (pota)toes!
Erica Amatori
@viceroyce All the puns :)
Dan Abrams
Now I can prove to my fiancé just how much I did in a day.
Shahier Rahman
Umm , i get rewards for doing something I am already inclined to do? SIGN ME UP! This is a great idea! Congrats team Burrow!
Erica Amatori
@shatweeter Thanks Shahier :)
Joey Daoud
Pedro Marroquin
Can´t find the app on the Appstore, is it open worldwide?
Erica Amatori
@pedro_marroquin Look for Couch-Potato!
Pedro Marroquin
@ericaamatori wuwuwuw got it! So cool!
Cole Kennedy
This is the best internet potato thing since Samwise Gamgee singing about potatoes.
Anna Filou
Made by a couch making company ➡️genius marketing :)
Luciana Alvarado
i'm obsessed with this app. i knew greatness was in my horizon, and i'm happy that there's finally someone who recognizes my talents.
Bryant Peng
Wow, this is a super clever way to advertise a couch. Awesome idea and execution!
Android release?
Heath Wagöner
Its nice to have an app that doesn't judge your for skipping leg day.
Amazing app and concept, but I wish the rewards were PayPal because that's how I want to be paid. Not with couch coupons. I already have a couch I love. I would only use it if PayPal was possible for earnings. I'm sure most people want PayPal as an option. If I could make $50 PayPal in like 4 hours like I just did, then of course I'd use it. Definitely! That's getting paid above minimum wage, and would make this product world changing for people like me.