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Custom Bots by Intercom

Create your own custom bot, no code required

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Matt Hodges
Hey everyone, Matt here from Intercom (again). 😃 It’s only been a year since we released our first chatbot for business–Operator. Today, we’re excited to introduce the next generation of Operator with the launch of Custom Bots. This release is a massive step forward in providing entirely new and powerful ways for the 30,000+ businesses that use Intercom to engage the right people on their website and convert them to customers, 24/7. Bringing together the recent release of our new Messenger and last week’s introduction of the Intercom App Store, businesses can now end every bot conversation with a concrete next step, tailored to each individual, using apps. With the Intercom Messenger + Custom Bots + Apps, you have a complete end-to-end workflow solution that will help you accelerate sales cycles and close more deals, without compromising the customer experience. Custom Bots are simple to use, taking just minutes to set up and put live. Here’s a quick summary of all that’s new: ✅ More leads 24/7 Your bots work all day every day – starting conversations, asking the right questions and delivering the most qualified leads right to you. ✅ Code-free customization Bots connect to your tech stack, automate workflows behind the scenes and act as an extension of your sales team. ✅ Accelerated sales cycles Custom Bots qualify leads and connect you to the best ones when they’re live on your site. ✅ Performance-enhancing apps The only bot with 100+ apps that encourages leads to take the next best step in their purchase decision. ✅ Growth beyond human limits From 1 to 1,000,000 leads, your bot gives everyone an immediate response and a consistent experience that grows your funnel. Custom Bots are available today as a paid add-on with any Intercom subscription. Go ahead and create your first bot and start crushing your number with Intercom.
Ryan Hoover
Side project makers should add this to the list of tools to explore. I'm excited to explore this over the weekend for Product Hunt. If anyone has any creative ideas or use cases, share here! 😊
Sardor Ahmedov
@rrhoover You guys should create a PH chatbot for Telegram. Messenger bot is cool but lotta ppl use Telegram and the audiences don't overlap mostly. I'd be thrilled to see it on Telegram!
Andy Rosenberg
Anthony Lee
$99/month? wow. Looks amazing, but can't afford it on top of what we already pay for Intercom.
Eoghan McCabe
@anthonygawonlee Hey Anthony. We would LOVE you to try it. Pretty please. Assuming you have visitors coming to your site and you sell things for money, I guarantee it will make you more than $99. I 100% guarantee it.
Anthony Lee
@eoghanmccabe I have no doubt this product is quality, since I trust Intercom's products. Perhaps, $99/m ROI makes more sense for mid to larger companies to save time—but not a small non profit who can barely afford Intercom service. =) Congrats on the launch, it looks amazing as always.
Rich Peterson
@anthonygawonlee @eoghanmccabe Love Intercom but the pricing has been so hard for my customers to work out with the "starting from" text and now finding the pricing for custom chatbots based on customer numbers on the pricing page. Hope this gets clearer in the future.
Eoghan McCabe
Hi PH friends. My thoughts for the day… 🤓 Automation is happening. And it will RADICALLY change the face of online business in five years, or less. It will get more customers what they want, faster, and make them happier. And make businesses insanely efficient, letting them put their capital to work with humans doing things that humans do best. We at Intercom are committed to bringing you that future, and first. Today is a big step along that journey. With this launch, any business can build bots to do any thing. And with Intercom Apps, launched last month, you can get more creative than possible on any other platform. A suggested use for you business… Why not have your bot chat with every single visitor on your site, do the small talk, get qualifying info from them, and line up leads for your Sales team. It can even book meetings, set up video calls, and sign them up for webinars too! We’ve seen top-of-funnel conversion rates increase by almost 40% with these tactics. Have fun! And get excited for some even crazier stuff to come in the next few months.
Mario Kostelac
@eoghanmccabe shhh!
Zhenya Kazaryan
@eoghanmccabe Great!!!
Dimo Trifonov
Wow Intercom is on fireeee :))
Eoghan McCabe
@denull 🤠
Alex Barashkov
Could I use Intercom Bot but at the same time have my own AI solution at the backend which could understand questions and reply with the options?
Matt Hodges
@alex_barashkov all I can say is, watch this space 😉
Marco Di Bree
Seems quite cool. Will users still be able to write personal messages, next to the automated options in the bot? Thinking it would probably be useful when a lead is already somewhere along the funnel. Would be awesome if you can personalize it by events or rules, say from MQL stage forward, show bot. Hell, or account-based that would be even more awesome. Oh, I'm getting carried away! Anyway cool product :)
Matt Hodges
@marco_di_bree all great ideas :)
Eoghan McCabe
@marco_di_bree 👻
Gil Akos
Intercom + Visual Programming = 🔥. Super accessible way to set up your bot flows. Well done!
Hendrik Haandrikman
Hah. We (enthusiastic Intercom users) were just discussing that we were going to look into some chat automation to help with lead classification and onboarding this afternoon. Got back to my desk and saw the announcement email. Going to have a lot of fun playing around with this this weekend! (Catch it in action sometime next week on 🚀)
Eoghan McCabe
@hhaandr Awesome!
Maksym Domarev
Interesting to compare with something existing and big on the market, non-visual e.g. dialogflow, something very visual e.g. but still custom, and something not really custom but domain specific.
Adam El-Agez
Great tool but waaaay to expensive for me at an additional $372.30 per month! 😳 Any chance there could be a "Leads Only" version? I don't want to use bots for existing users, only for new leads.
Kyle Conarro
Been eagerly anticipating this release, looking forward to trying it out (and seeing what interesting flows we can build with Userfeed engagement data)
Eoghan McCabe
@conarro 🙌
Guillaume Bardet
Yet another great launch, congrats :) You guys are on a roll!
Eoghan McCabe
@guillaumebardet 🙏