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Discord's Steam competitor, a store for games 🕹

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Ryan Hoover
HUGE launch from Discord, a "Slack for gamers" that's taking off. Back in late 2017, it was reported that 1.5M people are joining every week. Wow. Today they just launched a beta of their game store, a direct take on PC gaming giant, Steam. From their blog post: Today, we’re slowly rolling out a beta test to about 50,000 of our Canadian players and will be expanding to more over time. These players will see an upgraded version of Discord Nitro that has access to a curated selection of games along with the current subscription perks. They’ll also see a new Discord Store tab in the home screen with individual games for purchase. Having worked in the gaming industry prior to Product Hunt, I know how hard distribution is in the industry. Discord's achieved a scale that can make a big impact for indie and big name game companies. Curious to hear peoples' thoughts on this. Is Discord the new Steam?
Thomas Schranz ⛄️
@rrhoover interesting move. Love the user experience and responsiveness of Discord. Compared to Steam it is like night and day.
Thomas Schranz ⛄️
@rrhoover with a large audience on Discord this definitely is an interesting additional distribution channel.
Ash Pearson
Next up: Discord launches Live Streaming and VOD to take on Twitch and YouTube Gaming.
Josiah Corona
shots fired
Pavlo Pedenko
This is so huge. Finally, Steam has a competitor. Finally, Valve will start thinking about user experience inside Steam app. A few days ago I asked our business developer to get in touch with Valve Steam team in order to learn from their experience building the community around games, that could be used to improve community experience in @Setapp. But now there is another smart kid on a block.
Arin Toker
As an avid Discord user I love that this incredible team (Disclosure: I am friends with many of the devs) is finding more ways to monetize its free product. I want Discord to succeed so badly but was always worried about how they will monetize without ads which I believe @jasoncitron said he would never do. The subscription was a great follow-up to grab some positive traction towards long-term viability. But now I know they are serious about making Discord continue to pump out great features and expand their reach within the gamer community by including a Gaming Store to create competition towards Steam, Origin, GoG, etc. I was always impressed that such a small company could develop and deploy features to their free app so quickly while utilizing cutting-edge web tech. Shout out to Jason, Mallory, Andrei, Stanislav, and all the great minds behind Discord <3 P.S. Thank you for finally including text-chat in the overlay. Absolute game changer.
Pim de Witte
This is incredibly well executed - discord shows again that they can innovative like no other and not dillute the UX. Hope that they can bring this to mobile for discovery for mobile games too. Great job discord, excited to see what the future holds for you all.
Igor Akulov
Compared to Steam, I believe Discord has a much more interesting dynamic when they bring games to the massively engaged communities and squads, and not vice versa. Steam's bet to foster community aspect has always felt like an after-thought and never shined outside of Workshop.
Babken Karapetyan
Perfect, we need more competition with Steam, because it would improve gaming community.
Jarrod Cugley
Discord is an amazing product. No doubt this will be a serious competitor in the online game store market. Excited to see how this plays out!
Jun Gong
Nice product! Curious if they will be rolling out a wallet and tokens anytime soon?
Igityan Hayarpy
Ben Clark
so unshitified steam
Great work! I'm tired of steams cluttered UI, I'm exited to try this out.
Pedro Rasera
"Bold move, let's see how it pans out." Jokes aside, it will be interesting to see Discord moving into a "platform for gaming in general" direction. I hope this kindles the fire of competition on existing platforms (looking at you, Steam), that seem to have stopped innovating in 2012 (or whenever Steam Greenlight got released).