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Cameos on Google

Get celebrities to answer your top Q&As

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Ryan Hoover
Reminds me of Whale (cc @ranidu, @justinkan) from a few years ago and Convoz (cc @chamillionaire).
@chamillionaire @rrhoover definitelly similar to convoz
Amrith Shanbhag
@ranidu @justinkan @chamillionaire @rrhoover Reminds me of the video series from WIRED where they get celebs to answer top questions people search for about them.
Igor Akulov
@amrith indeed, a very cool format. Interesting move to productize it, but knowing Google's track record with social... 🤷
Ranidu Lankage
@justinkan @chamillionaire @rrhoover :)
Cameron K.F. Koo
@ranidu @justinkan @chamillionaire @rrhoover @amrith GQ did a few bits, too. IMO this looks like a crowd-sourced carpool karaoke play meets Instagram Stories Ask-a-Q feature. The iPhone release makes sense. Go where the celebrities are (someone must've been DeepLearning the candid photo/videos of celebrities to figure out the majority of 'em were holding iPhones - also breaks away & out from the Google Plus mold ;)
Karima Kadaoui
Damn, this is cool.
Nikolay Siabrenko
Now everyone can speak to celebrities?
Gabriel Szanto
Seriously, not available on Android? 😲
@gabszanto maybe all celebs use Iphones 💁
Stephen Headrick
i'll never understand why google releases iphone-only apps
@stephenbuda most likely that's what matters the most :)
Joshua Talley
@stephenbuda I'm sure they know where it will get the most traction initially. 50/50 share for consumers, and likely a much higher bend towards iOS from this crowd. I carried a pixel and an iPhone for a while, until I gave both a bath. I could only replace the iPhone since it's a work device, so that's where I am until I can justify the expense of a new Pixel...once that notch is gone. ^^
[deleted user]
Soooooo cooll
Arlo Gilbert
How do the folks at Cameo feel about this?
Ryan Hoover
@arlogilbert I was wondering the same
Anna Filou
@arlogilbert OMG. I had actually never heard about Cameo till just now and it's just SO awesome! It seems like it's a very different thing than what Google does here but the name is too similar, not nice of them. Cameo seriously seems to have made a lot of people very very happy and it's just a great platform to exist!
devon spinnler townsend
@arlogilbert just now :)
Steven Galanis
@arlogilbert @rrhoover interesting name choice...
Al Ramich (CEO
like it and I have an iPhone so I'm good ;)
Arsen Hakobian
wow this is awesome!
Jonah Bitautas
Feels like this is kind of biting off Chamillionaire's Convoz app a bit.
Victoria Gerukh
There are tones of such an instruments: , and many others were on a Web Summit-2017.
Pierre Vannier
I’ll launch Cateos, an app where you can talk to my cat.
Mike Brenner
If Quora was video-based.
John Hudson
Looks very interesting! I want to try:) I want to ask some question for Kim Kardashian:) Do you know that she has 3 siblings and 2 half-sisters who are also television personalities? I read about this on interesting website Compareceleb, here is her page