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Amazingly simple graphic design

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Ryan Hoover
I received an email titled "Holiday Gift from Canva” an hour ago with a link to a neat, animated holiday card ( Canva isn’t designed specifically for digital card creation but they’ve cleverly marketed this use case to promote its capabilities. It's is in closed beta — ping me if you want an invite (I have 5).
Adam Lieb
I've used this a few times over the last few months. It was pretty easy to use and intuitive. I love the idea of building flyers/presentations with Canva, but the library just isn't there yet. I'm sure it'll grow. Hoping they add community generated content as well.
Derek Shanahan
I'd love one, @rrhoover.
Ryan Hoover
@dshan - sent!
David Spinks
LOVE this tool. Just learned about it and can't get enough.
Jennie Wong
As someone with zero graphic design background, I was able to start making social graphics right away. There's some lag, but hey, it's free! I'm impressed with how well it understands the user problem and I've been recommending it IRL.
Eddie Wharton
#canvaconvert #alreadyhunted
Brad Yasar
simple and quick :)
Jói Sigurdsson
Amazingly great onboarding. I've only been through the first couple of tutorials, but really, if you're familiar with any graphics editing tool already, the onboarding tutorial is pretty much enough for you.
Erick Straghalis
Canva + Pexels = Social Media Nirvana
Turgay Birand
Even I can quickly design good looking stuff with Canva, and that's saying something. Very impressive UX too.
Inês Silva
I'm a big fan of Canva. :)
Jeremy Toeman
I have to say, the required-signup BEFORE using *anything* is a major turnoff. There should be at least some preview/sample use prior to wanting all my info. Not doing it.
Alexandria Embleton
I LOVE CANVA - I use it almost everyday and it completely transformed all aspects of my creative projects.
Mal Jago
I have been using Canva for awhile and it allows me to put great docs together by someone who's graphically challenged..
Rajat Saxena
It is an indispensable tool for me
Barbora Hanousková
Canva made me a graphic designer. It's simple and useful. My favorite feature is the possibility to view your design as a presentation, it's really helpful. And the quotes, they make my days!
Logan Rivenes
Canva is an essential tool for any Startup, blogger or marketer. Simply perfect.
Sarah Quesada
I LOVE this tool, simple, intuitive, beautiful! I miss some resources from the stock such as Gifs but it could be a nice improvement :)
Girlie Salgueiro
Been using Canva for a long time and love it. Not as robust but faster and easier than PSD. No design experience necessary.

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