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Brand New Roman

The typeface entirely made up of brand logos 👨‍💻

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Amrith Shanbhag
Milind Shah
@amrith how can we add images in comment like the one you have added here?
Alex Wawl
Oh right now you shouldn't cut letters from magazine to make anonymous letter:))
Anna Filou
Hhahaha this is so much fun to toy around with. But why are the letters only in black and white with no option to use each brand's actual color in the online editor? Does it help with copyright?
@anna_0x What browser are you using? Apparently Chrome doesn't support coloured fonts at the moment. If you open it up on Firefox or Edge it should display them the same colour as the brands.
Anna Filou
@solumdev Oh I see! I was using Chrome, yes. I just tried it on Firefox, works great! I Strange that Chrome doesn't support it!
Yeah, especially when Edge has it.
Ken G Barton
Hey, this is super cool. Thanks for sharing!
Haoyang Feng
omg this is soooo amazing. like honestly.
Alexander Smekhov
very creative! how all those companies agreed on using their logos?
Igor Gorbenko
You gotta fix capital P and Z, they're too huge :)
Valerio Neri
cool :)
Shyam Prasad Reddy
Wow..very creative :)
john haden
how fun!
Dima Vishnevetsky
This is cool. It reminds me if a mini project I created a couple of years ago: