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Lana Petrosyan
Gaurav Baheti
@lana_petrosyan Thank you!
Astghik A
Hey! The idea is pretty cool. Is it basically you share Ideas based on your experience? Or am I driven to a wrong path?
Gaurav Baheti
@astghik_azaryan I curate ideas, stories, facts - which I think more people should use/read/ponder over.
Astghik A
@gbaheti and where do you get those ideas from?
Gaurav Baheti
Hi all, Velocity started as a side project few months ago with the goal to share new ideas and stories. Wrote a little something on why I started it here: Over 700 people are reading each week - and the response has been amazing so far. You should sign up. It's pretty cool. I'd love to hear what you think too. Let me know!
@gbaheti looks amazing as @abnux 's UI sources newsletter. :)
Niranjan Nakhate
Velocity makes for a great Sunday read. It is the right mix of great articles and some interesting facts.
Gaurav Baheti
@niranjan_nakhate Thanks man!
Narendra Baheti
Very innovative and fresh !! Keep posting. 👍
Al Ramich (CEO
I'll sign up to find out more. The trouble is that we all get hundred of emails and endless news summary emails and also have very different interests.
Siddharth Gopi
Got introduced to it through a private slack channel couple months back. The author gives a stready seem of fun ideas to think about + tech news articles worth that are reading. It's one of the few tech newsletters that I actually open when it hits my inbox.
Rhythm Gupta
I’m a subscriber and I love Velocity’s weekly newsletter. :) More power to you, @Gaurav.
Shreyaa Ratra
How are you planning to monetise it ?
Gaurav Baheti
@shreyaa_ratra Not planning to at this point. It's more like a channel for -
María Tatay Sanzsegundo
Pretty cool idea, @gbaheti! I'm looking forward to read your newsletter next Sunday. :D I love your approach "the world is moving fast", so everything that could save us some minutes everyday is worth it! I'm releasing a product next week with the same approach but for curating and arranging formal and informal content online, I'd love to know your opinion and check what do you think I could improve. :)
Gaurav Baheti
@mtatay Thank you! I'd love to help.
Alexander Smekhov
It is really hard to understand what audience really needs (they don't know even themselves). There should be plenty of work to be done to create perfect personalisation of content
Gaurav Baheti
@asmekhov I believe audience needs variety and surprises, in a given stream of content type. But yes, I'm working towards more personalized content.
Benjamin Skipwith Smith
I like the layout and the feel. Simple curated news seems to be the way things are heading. I know I need help filtering all of the inbound.
Gaurav Baheti
@benjamin_skipwith_smith Thank you! Working on making different tracks.
Babken Karapetyan
Travis Fischer
I applaud any maker who releases a product, because it's a difficult thing to do :) That being said, I have an honest question: Highly curated / handpicked === super small bubble... why would I want to isolate my filter bubble further than it already is?
Gaurav Baheti
@fisch0920 Thank you, Travis! But is it? I feel that we're bombarded with information and the goal of Velocity is to share only a handful on meaningful ones.
Roland Clifford
good Idea,
James Daly
I'd love to sign up, but the button keeps spinning indefinitely for me after I enter my email address :(
Ramy Al-Kadhi
Opinionated curation? Quite cool, I like it. Question is that I have, what's the tone of the curation, topics wise?
Hari Amogh
The one Newsletter that I look forward to every week.