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New Google Chrome

New look and big update for their 10th birthday 🎂

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Ben Tossell
Updates include: - More rounded shapes, new icons and a new colour palette. - Changed the shape of our tabs so that the website icons are easier to see, which makes it easier to navigate across lots of tabs - simplified the prompts, menus, and even the URLs in your address bar - Smart answers directly in your search bar
Yegor Mytrofanov
Good job, Joel! Happy for you dude!
Nick Abouzeid
Woo! I'm always a fan of browser updates. Maybe this version won't eat up my RAM. 😂
Bruno Lemos
@nickabouzeid It feels slower to me tbh
Melissa Grody
@brunolemos Well, that's disappointing.
Dennis Stücken
I think they overdid it with these super round corners everywhere. Looks cartoonish to me :D (still my favorite browser though.. :p)
Andras Milassin
@dstuecken This new tab design has a very close resemblance to the Pixel 3 notch (according to leaks). Did they collaborate on this?
Peter-Ross Cuthbert
Vivaldi has everything but the smart answers already :P plus more... just saying..
Bruno Lemos
Changelog for Developers: * CSS Scroll Snap (super nice to make gallery-like interactions!) * Display cutouts (notch support) * Web Locks API * Array .flat() and .flatMap() * OffscreenCanvas (moves work off the main thread into a worker for performance reasons) * CSS conic-gradient
Siranush Hovhannisyan
Oh shit, this is new? 😅 Canary releases are spoiling me :D
Vighnesh S S Sable
It's amazing I am excited to use it with massive curve design and 18:9 with notch
Gabriel Szanto
OK, it's a very opportunistic comment but for French people, I just released a new episode today of my podcast with Sébastien Gabriel, Senior Visual Designer on Google Chrome. We discuss about Chrome and its design and you'll learn more about the amazing level of details and precision these guys are diving into. Way much more than what strikes the eye ;-) 👉
Now, my +40 opened tabs look awful 😂
Michael Robert Dolgon
@daniel_nenek_ I am guessing that the answer is likely to be what I’m taking this comment to mean, but, any chance that they’ve gone ahead and made a UI change or at the very least perhaps a configurable preference option to NOT make the browser borderline unusable when I’ve got more than ~20 tabs open? I’ve never understood *why* the Chrome desktop app devs weirdly chose to make each tab in the tab bar shrink to a progressively smaller size. Surely we can’t be the only ones who have such browsing habits...even if it does tend to place an increased workload on your machine (especially taxing the hell out of RAM & eating up disk space with cache like mad). Sure, there’s available extensions like “OneTab” or more appropriately, “The Great Suspenders” which can mitigate these issues to a significant degree when you’ve got 4-5 windows of Chrome open, 350-400 tabs total as I admittedly often do...but the basic user experience even running far fewer open tabs in a singular window leaves MUCH to be desired. Makes no sense to me that the default (actually, the ONLY, unless I’m unaware) behavior in these situations is to leave you with a mess of unidentifiable individual tabs denoted by their singular action button to close them; you don’t even see any of the page title nor a favicon. IDK, perhaps I’m being unreasonably annoyed by this but it really irks me. Bugs me to the same extent that my strange tab-crazy browsing habits seem to legitimately annoy the hell out of like 30% of people when they notice it.
Zackary Kim
very smart moves from Google. most people outside of a very technical arena don't even understand what https is or the dns server it is accessing. By transitioning its design language to material, google is unifying the designs of its products (gmail, chrome) to all feel a bit familiar
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! 😊 Would definitely want chrome to be faster than before. Want more smart features to call it the best chrome. Hope google is hearing !! 😊
Gezim Hoxha
I’ve been a safari loyalist and launched chrome yesterday for first time in a while. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and clean look. It beat Firefox and Safari. It’s possible it just felt faster since the loading of pages is vastly different. Safari seems to like to load the whole page before showing you much.
Melissa Grody
I haven't used it much yet but now it's harder for me to differentiate between different "people". I use different accounts and it used to show the names on the top right corner. Now it just shows a photo. I'm not sure where it's pulling that photo from since it doesn't match the image I chose in settings. Also, if you download a doc and use the bar at the bottom to move multiple copies into backups, etc, you can't do that any more. It moves the entire file, just as though you were in the folder itself. I'm undecided on whether or not it makes things easier to find in my tab hoarding. And it looks like the memory sucking still happens. (which admittedly I do not help by tab hoarding)
Dave Poly
My browser hasn't updated yet but after reading these reviews/comments I'm not sure I want it to? 🤔
My colleague recommended Firefox Quantum when it is released. But I did not ditch out Chrome. I hope this update won't disappoint me :) Love lots.
vignesh warar
Am i the only one who is getting fuzzy fonts and blurry pages with this version of chrome.
Sandipan Banerjee
Super Like!!!
Aelia Gower
The new UX is just plain fantastic! Thanks team.