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Design System in Figma by Design+Code

Guide to designing a site using a design system by Meng To

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James Routledge
Impressive guys, but the first 3 minutes are all I needed. i'd suggest you cut off the diff with sketch and getting started and put that into the next CTA (also your backing track go annoyingly repetitive after 5 minutes). Offering a bulletproof way to make a design system is enough for any product or designer not on figma value to give it a go IMHO. Just make sure the trial is long enough to have a system in place and part of a few 'sprints' so it has buy in. :) I've used Sketch / Craft / Zeplin for years (VC is still Dropbox, Abstract just isn't needed yet for small teams IMHO)... but i'll give Figma a go for the next month after seeing this. Great work @mengto !!!
Graeme Fulton
This is epic, @mengto you lot are on another level! Really blown away, congrats to the team!!
Meng To
@graeme_fulton Thanks Graeme, this is honestly one of the hardest courses I've worked on since we had to build a design system from scratch, plus the new site and the course itself.
Nick Clement
Great to see this progress, incredible content.
Luboš Volkov
This is extremely impressive! Thanks for making this happen!
Meng To
@0therplanet Thank you Lubos, that means a lot!
Reony Tonneyck
I'm designing a pretty big system in Figma for the past couple months now! 😁
Thomas Wang
Dave Poly
Not all heros wear capes. Thank you for this. UI elements look sleek. With assets like this I don't understand how some product sites can still look like they're we're designed in the 90s.
David Oudiette
Just got started with Figma, can't wait to look at your course. :)
Josh Dunsterville
So excited for this to launch! 🎉Congrats @Mengto and team! p.s. for anyone going through this course and would like some feedback or need any help, I'd be happy to jump on a hangout with you. Just find a time slot here:
Babken Karapetyan
Tool looks easy and interest
Hayden Evans
Love it! Keep up the awesome work!
Siranush Hovhannisyan
seems very cool
Ale Mohamad ~ ランダム
I love that someone made this. I wanted to learn about this for a long time ago. Thanks a lot @mengto!!!