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The Growth Playbook

15 growth strategies from Dropbox, Stitch Fix, & more

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Bilal Mahmood
Hi everyone I’m Bilal, cofounder of ClearBrain (YC W18) and one of the editors of The Growth Playbook. I was inspired to compile the Playbook as I felt there was a gap in the market for in-depth but tactical growth strategies, that best-in-class companies had actually seen results from, and others could easily replicate. So I collaborated with the heads of product and marketing at high-growth companies to compile 15 different strategies with 100+ pages of original content. We tried to cover every stage of growth, including topics like how identifies valuable customer segments, how Dropbox runs pricing tests in their subscription funnel, and how Stitch Fix measures the effectiveness of TV ads. Thrilled to see this go live and excited to hear what everyone thinks!
Frank Locascio
@bilalmahmood so much quality info to wrap your head around. nice work!
Rick Bashkoff
@bilalmahmood @franklocascio Looking forward to checking it out. Looks great.
Bilal Mahmood
@franklocascio thanks! Was a delight to work on, as I found myself learning so much from each author as their chapters came in. :)
Steven Aguilar
@bilalmahmood When is this book coming out?
Andrew Ishimaru
This is killer.
Richard Liu
Looks like awesome content! As a note the website seems quite jumpy on a mobile (for me). The form field keeps going up and down.
Bilal Mahmood
@richardfliu Sorry about that! We'll look into it.
Обзоры суперкаров
good project
Thierry Maout
Great design and super useful content at first glance, looking forward to dive deeper into it. Thanks for the hard work and willingness to share!
Bilal Mahmood
@thierrymaout thank you! We were fortunate to have many great authors and growth leaders kind enough to share their best practices. :)
Viktor Fallenheart
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