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Blog Compass by Google

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Sinan Yumurtacı
This is absolute gold for beginners! Automatic suggestions of topics and being able to see Google index status is greatly useful.
Dave Poly
Ah, a blog post idea generator. Always fun to see one of the giants validate a feature you have in your own product. 😜
Astghik A
Google stays google)))
Matthew Boogaard
"This item is not available in your country." - Australia
Alamo aka 狐狸
@boogsau and looks no iOS support
Qaher Salahaldin
ok not bad
Keniz Swanju
Hi,, this look awesome. Start learning HTML courses here
Lorenzo Setale
Ouch, no iOS, no iPad/iPhone. Ouch
James Hicks
Just waiting on that iOS version now...
Darnell Clayton
No iOS app?
Clement Pont'
Only in India ? Rahh