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Ship 2.0

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Ryan Hoover
A lot has changed since we launched Ship 1.0, nearly a year ago. Since then, thousands of makers have used it to build an audience and communicate with over 2,000,000 early adopters. A few popular projects (like this one) use Ship to build a waitlist of more than 55,000 subscribers. We’ve learned a TON from their feedback. This big update includes: ✅ New tools. Now you can create a Chat room with your community, useful for managing a small beta group or gathering feedback on a new feature. ✅ More customization. The most popular feature of Ship is our landing page creator, but some makers wanted to personalize their page even further. Now you can choose from three templates and customize everything from the background image to the button color to match your brand. ✅ AWS and Stripe perks. Those on Pro plans can unlock up to $7,500 in free AWS credits and instant access to Stripe Atlas + zero fees on the first $50,000 of transactions. Our goal is to offer a single toolset to help makers build an audience, speak with their community, and ultimately ship better products. We’d love your feedback and feature suggestions. P.S. The first person to spot the Doug reference in the video gets free Ship kitty stickers. Reply here once you've spotted it. 😉
Seth Louey
@rrhoover love seeing @mubashariqbal & @robjama in the video. Congrats on the launch
Yvo Schaap
@rrhoover Sounds like some great improvements. Will try again (when I'm ready ;))
Ryan Hoover
@yvoschaap feedback welcome! Something I didn't mention that you might find useful: We're also introducing a way for you and your team (if you're working with multiple people) to share a public roadmap/list of goal for each projects. More on that in a few weeks. 😉
Smit Patel
@rrhoover Congrats on the launch! The community features are $$ IMHO.
Boris Berenberg
@rrhoover Default email address on signup in mail form ;)
Dalal Al Dilaimi
@rrhoover ooowwhhh! Roadmap! Got me all excited there ;) I can't wait
Youssef KH
@yvoschaap @rrhoover yes this will be very helpful for me and my team of 4 cats! We will be more productive I guess thank you
Jeremy Bauer
@imatincr dang, you beat me! Congrats 🎉😸!
Sandra Carden
@rrhoover Boris Berenberg @imatincr is f-a-s-t! Cute or should I say funnie sample email address.
Sandra Carden
@rrhoover @imatincr Dave Poly @dave_pol was even faster. Congrats to Dave.
Danny Manu
@rrhoover This is awesome. Will be testing it out now :)
Robleh Jama
@rrhoover @mubashariqbal @sethlouey ✌️Congrats on the launch! 🛥
Roby Sharif
@rrhoover This is Great! Already took advantage of AWS credit and setup a Loadbalancer; going to use all other features before launch. One feature request: a simple user tracking and analytics tool would be awesome!
Ayrton De Craene
Nice video 😎
Ben Tossell
@ayrton how was the video made? any nifty tools?
Ryan Hoover
@bentossell it was made by two awesome folks in the PH community: @lukaszmtw and @pawelmag in Poland
Aleksandr Volodarsky
@rrhoover thanks, will check them out.
Radoslav Stankov
At Product Hunt we often use emojis as code names for projects. The emoji for Ship 2.0 was 🛥
Dayal Dave
@rstankov Hey, Gotta say that I'm not able to see you people's Emoji on my Windows & Android devices..!!!
Youssef KH
@rstankov why not 🍆?
Nathaniel Blackburn
@rstankov @ucefkh Steady on now... 😏
Youssef KH
@rstankov @itsnblackburn I guess 🍑 is better 😅
Radoslav Stankov
@itsnblackburn @ucefkh 🍑 is for an other project
Youssef KH
@itsnblackburn @rstankov looking forward to it just make sure it's THICK! Thanks
Dave Poly
00:33 😜 love the updates!
Ryan Hoover
@dave_poly BOOM! You win, Dave. Want to message me with your mailing address?
Dave Poly
@rrhoover I told my mom watching cartoons would pay off one day! Haha Will shoot ya a message. Thanks, Ryan!
Chris Buttenham
Looking forward to trying this out!
Dayal Dave
"All The Best" to the people who've developed the Product as well as the future users.... Great Work...!!!
Biraj Ghosh
The video was sexy af
Awesome video for an awesome product !
Mohammed Rafy
Exciting stuff. Loved the video and the line spend less time building landing pages and spend more time building products. <3
Youssef KH
@rafyasarmatta Salam Mohammed what's up bro?
Igor Akulov
Embedding chat & community features into Ship is an amazing move. It is starting to make sense what you've envisioned it to be, and I love it.
John Xie
Congrats everyone!
Jon Sutherland
If this also had a waiting list feature, where you could move up the list by referring others to sign up, it would be purrfect 😻
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! 😊Can we hunt or add courses via ship 2.0 on Product Hunt !! Planning to launch one. Let me know
Jamie Lawrence
Are there any examples of the new landing pages? The previous version was… not good
Jamie Lawrence
or, rather: it was definitely not my sort of thing. I stopped reading them and either bounced when I saw it or subscribed based just on the link instead of read the fake "chat"
Ryan Hoover
@ideasasylum we received a ton of feedback from people that liked and disliked the chat bubble landing page variation. We added two additional templates. Here's an example of the split template we're using now.
Youssef KH
I love it ♥️😻 I can't say anymore than that. It's pretty good! Props to our great Hunter Ryan 👌
Kevin Lee
Awesome Improvements
Youssef KH
@kevinatdoers thanks 😀
Greig Cranfield
Continually impressed with what the team at PH release and the updates to Ship look awesome. Top work :)
Hossein Shams
Great improvements. Looking forward to use it soon.
Siranush Hovhannisyan
Waqas Ali
We at Atoms, have been using Ship Pro since the beginning to build a waitlist for the shoes. 👟 Initially the goal was just to build a better sign up page that shows social validation. It turned out to be a lot more, we were able to get important info from our subscribers like their shoe size, location and exiting shoe experience. That level of engagement was key to build out the community and then we used Ship to send (not so) regular updates with behind the scene info and how we were approaching the product. Thank you team – you built an amazing tool. It served us well and hoping to see more using it. 🙏🏽