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Stripe Terminal

The programmable point-of-sale solution 💳🛠️

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Devesh Senapati
Hi, Product Hunt! We're excited to bring Stripe Terminal to you. We've got the Terminal team here to answer questions about the product, or even point of sale in general. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Justin Mitchell
@deveshsenapati Wow super excited for this. We've been using janky 3rd party solutions for this for years. This will be a home run for our clients.
Devesh Senapati
@itsthisjustin We're excited too! User feedback has been pretty awesome so far, and we're excited to get Stripe Terminal into the hand of a lot more folks in our beta. Please make sure to complete our interest form at 😃
Matthew Boogaard
@deveshsenapati Is there somewhere I can register interest/get notified if it becomes available in Australia? Can't wait!
Devesh Senapati
@boogsau We’ll be expanding support to other countries throughout 2019! Please make sure to fill out the interest form at the bottom of! You’ll be the first to know when we expand our beta program to Australia.
Ryan Hoover
Wow, Stripe going directly after Square. Expectedly, both companies are converging. Is this the first hardware product from Stripe, @deveshsenapati?
Devesh Senapati
@rrhoover This isn’t really a hardware product from Stripe -- we’re partnering with leading global hardware manufacturers like BBPOS and Verifone. We’ve pre-certified these card readers to serve a variety of needs, and will be adding more form factors over time. We’re continuing to focus on our core audience of developers who want to build their own customized point of sale. This includes Stripe Connect platforms like AtVenu and Universe and internet-first retailers like Glossier and Warby Parker.
Sabri Helal
Another amazing product by Stripe. Can this company do any wrong?!
Leola B. Hill
@sabrisjourney So true ... each time is perfect ... with a beautiful website !
Dave Poly
Definitely stepping into Square territory. Although, Stripe's hardware design looks a little dated. Has kind of a 90s feel to it. Certainly not as sexy and sleek as Square's. I'm sure it's what's on the inside that counts.
Dan Dan
@dave_poly The hardware is third-party.
Dave Poly
@tostartafire Ah, I'll take my foot out of my mouth then.
Garrison Snelling
@deveshsenapati Any ideas on how terminal will integrate with ACH processing?
Devesh Senapati
@dev_gar We support all major card brands in the United States across debit and credit card types. We’re always looking to expand the supported payment methods for Terminal, and would be interested in hearing more about your use case. Mind sending me an email at so I can learn more about your use case?
Martin Oosthuizen
@deveshsenapati Hi Devesh. This sounds a bit like a dream come true. So with Terminal, once we integrate our sales platform / hand off checkout to Stripe, we could issue those pre-certified devices to our clients to accept in-person payments in any supported currency, anywhere in the world right?
Devesh Senapati
@martinoosthuizn Stripe Terminal supports businesses in the US (and USD charges). We’ll be expanding support for businesses in other countries (and other currencies) through 2019. We’d love to know which countries you’d like us to support next -- let us know in the interest form at
Martin Oosthuizen
@deveshsenapati Thanks Devesh. We'd happily incorporate in the US to open up this side of our business. But the currency limitation would be a problem. At least 2019 is just around the corner. Quite pumped about this. I did fill out the invite form earlier today, for what it's worth. And please, don't underestimate South Africa; you will get a lot of love here 😃 Our Team would also be happy to assist in any way to remove hurdles in the SA context. There's an active and rapidly growing market in SA for this, seriously. There would be a huge response to Stripe here.
Mirta Didara
I am a fan of Square's, but a healthy competition is always a good thing for each party, and as far as Stripe is concerned this is a long-awaited option.
Matt Hagemann
I hope Stripe has an IPO soon!
Vincent Ghyssens
This, alongside the recent Issuing product, gets me so excited about things to build on top of Stripe! 🤩So many new opportunities from the coolest kid on the block
Anthony Da Mota
Damn, Stripe 💥
Anthony Lee
This is sicktastic.