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The best Gantt chart for Trello

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Sergei Vaskov
Hello everybody! 👋 We started the creation of The Best Gantt Chart for Trello to make it easier to plan projects in growing teams. After all, we all love Trello! ❤️ We look forward to working closely with you. 👀 This will help us create the most convenient and easy to use the product. Ask your question and we will answer you as soon as possible. 💪 Now we are at the stage of raising funds on the IndieGoGo Provide support and get free product use for your entire team forever. 💰
Lorena Gao
How can you treat smartsheet like this!!!! I guess they will loss some market share, not little. We are looking forward a gantt tool so long, not only for google drive, but also on other cloud platforms.
Very nice!!! I love the logo 😂
Martijn Verbove
Finally JIRA Portfolio in a user friendly way 😻 This is really good guys, I use Trello mainly for top level structuring, like a road mapping, layout of ideas and proiritizing for iterations. The main problem I had with it is a lack of being able to visually overlap different “topics” on the same board, which is very necessary for top level tasks. Going to be using this! Good luck today 💪🏻
Sergei Vaskov
@martijn_verbove Thank you for your interest! ⚡
Thierry Maout
I really love this! I'm an obsessive Trello user and I love Gantt charts, this is what I've been waiting for! Congratulations, the logo, the landing page and the videos are super clean, I'm backing the project and looking forward to being able to use it!
Igityan Hayarpy
useful for trello
María Tatay Sanzsegundo
Hi @sergeivaskov ! Nice work, love the idea. I'm a maker myself and I'd love to read your case study on your PH launching to check the link between upvotes <> money raised on indiegogo. 😃 Plus, a tricky question, what's your value proposition against other similar products such as elegantt? Just curious about your vision. Thank you in advance!
Sergei Vaskov
Hello @mtatay! Thank you for your respond! The problem of each task tracker is that each team wants to create something completely new, as a result, development is delayed for many years, but few can keep up with the old products in this market. For them, there is little integration and above the entry threshold. We have Trello, which meets the requirements of the majority, it already includes integration with all services and it's convenient to use. Our team offers to extend the functionality of Trello with the help of a gantt chart. We are also trying to make it affordable for small and growing teams, so we have one of the lowest prices on the market, provided this remains a powerful tool. Many teams expand their staff to large sizes, and all these employees need to pay their salaries. On the contrary, we want to add people to our team only when absolutely necessary, because the technologies that we will use allow us to accelerate the development several times and make it the minimum number of employees. This gives our team a huge advantage.
Mike Shoss, CSM SPM
Trello is one of my favorite project management tools but it was lacking a good integrated Gantt chart tool. I look forward to using this!
Sergei Vaskov
@mikeshoss we think in the same way 😀
Gonna raise awareness at our local Trello meetup TODAY, hopefully we can bring you guys some extra $$ <3
Sergei Vaskov
@orliesaurus oh, thank you very much!
Bruno Lemos
There's a typo at the 5th image, it says "fevorite" instead of "favorite".
Gary He
Good idea!
Vitalik Demin
Fiona Carty
You've heard the term "Git Good". Well, get ready for "Gant Good".
Denise Wu
This is the feature I have been looking for sooo long. Backed!
Sergei Vaskov
@denise_wu Our team also waited a long time for this. 😓 We are so impatient to begin implementation! Thank you for your support!
srinivasulu palle
Brian V
where is the product? Nov looks good, but im not patient
Oliver Ruebener
your logo looks so much better than trellos!