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Elikana Kibet
An excellent way of getting freshest cryptocurrency news as they happen, while earning the native BERM tokens in the process!
Vignesh Selvasundar
Human curated crypto news to get past the noise 👌🙌
Leeho Lim
@nextgenguy Yep! I really enjoy the model that they have to create impartial news
Executive Coach
An innovative and useful app to keep up with the latest, human curated, #cryptocurrency news. @BerminalApp's BERM tokens are a masterfully clever 'game-theory' way to encourage spreading the word!
Leeho Lim
@berminalapp @coach_exec yep - Berminal's token system brings transparency into news and media
David Maykel
Good,always update about crypto news link from maybe 20 news source,this apps udate news every minutes,its help me to be good trader
Frank Locascio
@david_maykel We built the app with traders in mind. The website also features Candlestick charts supplied by TradingView so you can get a better sense of price action. Thanks for the note David!
Frank Locascio
Hey PH, Frank from Berminal here. Thanks so much for all of the feedback so far. Launch the app and you can start accumulating our utility token through voting, sharing, and engaging with the platform. We’ve also built a daily bitcoin price prediction game called Crypto Psychic, where the top 50% of each day’s most accurate guesses share a prize pool. We’re building the site and mobile app as the first use case for the Berm protocol, which aims to incentivize good behavior in data governance, news, and reporting. You can think of it as content distribution meets crypto economics. Between myself (VP Marketing), Winston @winston_chi (CTO) and Ray @ray_xiao (CEO), we're happy to answer any questions you have. Shout out to @chrismessina for hunting us. Thanks!
Leeho Lim
Hey all, I love this product, but I think it'd be super neat if you guys integrated more interaction on the platform!
Winston Chi
This is winston from Berminal. Hope get any comments suggestions on it.
This logo looks like Uber logo eat the pacman
Ramesh vijay
Berminal application is a easy way to get all news of cryptocurrency and realted information. Features I liked on berminal app: *Easy way to use and Mobile friendly application *All kind Cryptocurrency realted News comes in one app *Attractive design *Coin price, graph,latest news related to that coin etc... *Long short ratio graph *And also great way to earn berminal(BERM) token. Overall a great application.
Joey Pasint
Great app. Phenomenal marketing too. Reminds me of binance.... came out of nowhere, wrote it off, then the devs started delivery massively. This is now my go-to app for all crypto news. It does a great job at aggregating the freshest newest crypto news, with no bias. I will see an article explaining why xrp is fundamentally strong then right under that article I will see an article bashing xrp. Truly a must have platform for crypto enthusiasts and noobs alike. Thanks
Frank Locascio
@joeyp978 Thanks so much Joey! Means a lot that you like using the app so much.
Leeho Lim
@joeyp978 I completely agree. I use Terminal because the product tends to gravitate towards impartiality
Been using Berminal since I tested out through Earn. I already had a bunch of crypto news apps and didn’t think I’d use it much. It’s now my primary news app. Love that you can earn points for liking or dissing stories. Also am looking forward to future games they are working on.
Yannan Wang
really amazed by the contents of Berminal! I have been relying on it for pretty much all crypto related news
Leeho Lim
I'm quite fond of the product, although I think that it can definitely use some improvements. I think it'd be cool if it offered some type of wallet service to couple with the news..
Frank Locascio
Thanks Leeho, good thought! We might have something like this on the roadmap...
Arron Fornasetti
Hey guys! Stopping by to say hello. Keep up the good work! 😄
Winston Chi
@arronfornasetti We gonna be as big as uber but still easy to use and play with like pacman!
Tyler Epidy
Love Berminal for many reasons, especially for how refreshing it is to read non-biased crypto news. Super user-friendly as well! A fun crypto psychic game too :)
Jasper van der Meij
Reminds me of CryptoPanic
Kris Leonidou
Loved this! Design, content, prices, quizzes in news. Brilliant. Kudos to the makers @ray_xiao & @winston_chi