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Live dialog with real people 🎙

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👋 Hi all! I’m Daniel Debow, and together with @fnthawar and @davidpardy we created the Dialog project. Today, we all complain that social media is toxic. Trolls and polarizing comments divide us. People don’t listen and learn from each other. Human empathy is lost. We wanted to build something better. Something different. So, we created Dialog. Dialog is a community dedicated to live, spoken conversation online. Dialog uses your spoken voice. It's for interactive conversation. It has built-in controls to keep conversations safe. We hope Dialog can facilitate a different social experience online. Dialog is a person-by-person movement - for people who enjoy conversation and learning. Join us today!
Rick Segal
@fnthawar @davidpardy @ddebow Congrats. I can't think of a better team to pull something like this off. Well done!
Farhan Thawar
Thanks @ricksegal 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
David Pardy
Hi Product Hunters https://getdialog.am Dialog is a place to have real conversations. We're passionate about dialog that entertains, educates, and enriches. The internet has done so much good, but we believe social media has become toxic. We invite you to join our community of spoken conversation - a new way to connect online, as humans. Talk through complex issues, learn, and have fun. Share what you know, bring your friends, meet and learn from new people. I'm excited to see how you'll use Dialog!
This is a really interesting way to challenge some of the negative elements of social media ... using voice creates an authenticity which is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum to the anonymity social media aliases permit. Interested to see how this develops in future...
Ty O'Keefe
I've been using Dialog to break into the audio aspect of my career in MMA journalism for the past few months and I'm extremely satisfied with the finished product. Dialog has a kind and attentive staff willing to help with anything, at any time. Using Dialog means that I didn't need to go through the headache of setting up a traditional podcast and I was able to get started within a minute of logging on. If you're thinking about doing a podcast of your own, visit Dialog first and you won't be disappointed.
Ryan Hoover
Reminds me of Anchor's first iteration, which was more social and conversational. While it might be too early to tell, what topics or types of conversations are you seeing on the platform, @ddebow and team? UPDATE: Me and @pt hosted our first Dialog. Here's the recording.
@rrhoover hey! It is early for sure and we really want to see what evolves - but so far we’ve had conversation on politics (local and national), tons of sports commentary, hobbies (d&d to bdsm!), music (and the music industry), parenting, global travel and more. As well, a number of businesses have used Dialog to create easy and engaging ways to go deep on content in their industry. We’ve seen HR consultants, Cannabis businesses, crypto, and general startup folks create dialogs. It’s amazing to see what people will create with their voice when given a platform!
Chris Messina
@rrhoover that was my thought and there were a lot of leanings why that's a hard model to get off the ground. Still, will be great if it works out!
Adam Marx
@ddebow @rrhoover I was thinking this too, and kinda wonder how this is going to affect services like @anchor which have, up until now, seemed to have become the go-to place for co-hosting podcasts "made easy" -- as someone who enjoys talking (a lot), I might play around with this. I liked Anchor's first iteration a little more than what it's evolved into because I enjoyed the conversational dynamic of it (although what they are now is also cool, just a different kind of use-dynamic I think). Will be interesting to see how this ends up iterating out. 🤔
@rrhoover @chrismessina we’re gonna try hard @chrismessina ... it is hard model indeed. But the payoff for improving our internet - people actually talking to each other - is worth it.
Chris Messina
@ddebow I don't doubt the theoretical benefits — but as an early avid user of Anchor 1.0 — I'm just curious what you plan to do differently, given all the learnings that Anchor put into their version 2.0, which lead them to focus on podcasting.
@chrismessina great question. Honestly - don’t know all the answers. I’d say the biggest is a belief that podcasting is an amazing medium, but is not the same as a live interactive medium. FM vs AM - both great, but different. Anchor is just awesome to make a podcast. But there has to be room for something different...
Chris Messina
@ddebow I'm with you. Maybe you can share a little more about your growth plans — how you're finding your initial userbase and how you expect/plan for it to grow?
@chrismessina nothing super fancy on growth. 1) Focus on product. We think what we launched today is pretty good, but still quite early. So we’ll watch, improve and tinker... and focus on some core uses/users 2) Build community. Maybe it’s idealistic, but we still think stuff like this needs passionate people creating the norms, patterns - and interacting. It’s not just us, it the users - so we’ve got to foster that. 3) great voices - we’re doing our best to bring interesting people on with fresh, live stuff all the time. Once it’s really great for a smaller passionate user base - then we will pour more energy into growth - building audience, mass adoption, etc. In truth: we still don’t know what it is yet. We’re gonna have fun and find out. ;)
Edwin Frondozo
I love this platform that @ddebow, @fnthawar, and team put together. I've hosted over 40 dialog shows already. It's a great addition to my award-winning podcast offering. Check out my dialogs here https://getdialog.am/user/48d024fc-4a11-455b-a767-b25b9e3329e6
Cristan Brown
@ddebow @fnthawar @drgnmeme Thank you Edwin! We love hearing your voice on Dialog. Your Dialog's are an amazing example of complimentary content, and how to quickly share your wisdom!
Alec Levin
I've been using Dialog for the past few weeks as a way to connect with folks in our local UX Research community. We've hosted some really fun conversations that dozens of people have joined to listen in on and participate. Not gonna lie, it was a really special moment when we had our first caller, this really feels like it could be something big 💯
Cristan Brown
@levin_alec Not gonna lie Alec, we love listening to your calls on Dialog! 'The Researcher' is not a voice that often gets the lime-light, so it's amazing that you're using this community to amplify your own. Keep up the amazing calls!
Fight Night Picks
I’ve been using Dialog for some time now and really enjoy the interface and ability to host live call-in style shows over the Internet. I grew up listening to talk radio and sports shows, and always wanted to replicate what they were able to do. By signing up quickly on Dialog I was able to make that dream a reality, and have been able to pair my content with my fans. The feedback has been amazing, and several guests have reached out and asked if we could do more Dialog content in the future. In all it’s a great site and I highly recommend joining.
Cristan Brown
@fight_night_picks Thank you for your comment! Your Dialog's are a shining example of what our community can do on the platform. Sports, and MMA specifically, is such a hot topic for live commentary, it's awesome that you're sharing your take on the platform!
Jaxson Khan
Love using Dialog to host our podcast. Super easy to use. Great functionality. Would love a download audio button too!
David Pardy
@jaxson Thanks for this! We're working on something to help you out 😄
Matt Wyndowe
Great stuff. Very compelling idea and execution.
Kevin Kliman
Great team in a super interesting space. Looking forward to watching the growth and use cases that come out of it.
@kkliman thanks for your help and advice!
Maury Rubin
Long time listener on dialog shows. It’s incredibly fun to listen in to live candid conversations
Cristan Brown
@maury_rubin Thank you Maury! When will you join us live?!
Jason Smith
Cool concept and looks super simple to be remote broadcasting without everyone being forced into one room. I'm a podcast fanatic and love listening to spirited exchanges between interesting people. A big challenge is discovery, finding great content buried in the sea of choice. @ddebow how are you thinking about discovery and enabling listeners to find stations/shows/broadcasts most relevant to them?
@jasons great point. First, I think live is more like live radio - you scan through channels, jump in, and then jump around. We want to encourage that. It’s a different browsing experience than podcasting for a bunch of reasons. Second, we have a great roadmap that extracts and suggests relevant live shows
Roman Arellano
Awesome! The Twitch for conversations / Marketplace for podcasts
I love using Dialog! I've been a participant on several podcasts before but I would so much rather use Dialog as it allows hosts to create live and engaging content! I love that listeners can log in using their Twitter account and join me live! I've already hosted 3 live broadcasts with Dialog and I plan to host more in the near future.
David Pardy
@kerrysomewhere Your Dialogs are killer! Thanks for everything!
Michael Hood
Cool product. Clicked the link and jumped on a call with @rrhoover & Parker. How cool's that!? I like the use case of leveraging live audio to further engage with pre-existing content. I.e sports pre-game debate, post Amazon product release discussion, influencer fan engagement. Cool stuff, glad to see it coming out of Toronto! :)
Alex Kinsella
We were lucky enough (thanks @ddebow and team) to try out Dialog over the last few months. Used it for a couple of shows with speakers for our True North conference here in Waterloo - the experience for both us and our guests was amazing. It's the fastest way to share a great conversation with your audience, customers, prospects, community - you name it.
Gary Truman
https://www.producthunt.com/posts/dialog-3 So this is the program that I have been testing off and on the past few months. I still have one more dialog available for my sponsorship (I am also willing to do more if any folks are interested). It was initially pretty buggy, but it seems to be running pretty smooth now. A really good tool as modern social media accessibility combined with old school communication. Sometimes talking things out is just what is needed to have a better understanding of one another and just becoming a better all around human. Things that I know are areas in which I have been working hard at personally. Not unlike many others as I have grown to learn, I was raised in a broken household where majority of key life issues are easier swept under the rug than discussed. It is still a sore subject and unfortunately, will probably always be. But I have opened my windows and let the sunshine through and the cross breeze has been pushing out years of stale and stagnant air. Dialog is a great place to begin. It may seem odd to bare dirty laundry out for the world to hear, but trust me on this. As your mind clears and burdens are lifted, you just feel so much better about yourself. Or at least I certainly do. So cheers and congrats. To a new day and a new dialog. Peace, Gary Truman DJ Biggie Boutte Boogalee Enterprises Human
Albert Tai
I absolutely love this product. I listen on great shows on here, especially the ones that teach young entrepreneurs about different topics of starting and running a business. @ddebow especially has a fantastic show. His cofounder @fnthawar is one of the smartest individuals I know. I know this is going to be a platform that will take off!
Roland Clifford