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IntelligentX Brewing Co.

AI-powered beer to suit your preferences

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Nick Abouzeid
This is pretttttttty nifty. Apps to help you track which beers you like have existed for years, but none (afaik) go out of their way to design NEW beers that you specifically might like and ship them directly to you (instead of just suggesting beers that exist already and might be difficult to find). 👏
Sam Dickie
Big fan of Rob and Intelligent X 👏🏻 Infinitely scalable product that could be applied to various industries that want to improve their current feedback loop and consumer insight.
Lisa Dziuba
wow! this is the guy who is working in my coworkimg in London!
I'll declare my bias early - I've invested in Intelligent X, and they're still working out of my office. I love the beer. I tried a really early version of it a while back, and have been incredibly impressed with the improvement in flavours and varieties over the last few months and years. The smart part is exactly what @thisdickie referred to. This is infinitely scalable for different products in different industries.
That's the only possible future for the beer! (and food industry in general) A big fan of the product, tried it a numerous time and was amazed by the quality. 🙂 Keep up the great work, folks!
Jarod Zhang
The question is: Is the human feed back trustworthy when making a product like beer, let's not forget history of cokecola trying to change its formula by responding to what customers thought what they liked, and that didnt work very well in the end. Part of the beauty of beer is the variety of it, and fun part is the try different beers, not to find the best tasting one every single time.
Rob McInerney
@jarodise Hey Jarod. Part of the reason AI is so important here is that it helps us figure out how to translate what humans say into a positive change in the recipe. For example, early on, everyone said they wanted a higher ABV in the recipe, but the algorithms learnt that that resulted in a beer people liked less - the algorithms made a mistake, then learnt not to make the same mistake again. I totally agree on variety - we're not trying to make a single beer, rather we want to make a large variety that is constantly iterating. This means we want people to constantly be trying new beer types with us. Our job is just to make sure the experimentation (from both the brewer and the consumer side) is the best it can be.
Seríne Melíkían
Greg Wehmeyer
Not everything needs to be smart. Dumb beers make me feel better about myself
Matthew Quinn
Talk about AI for good! I had a brew back in 2016 and knew they were in for great things. There's craft beer and then there's intelligently crafted beer.
Chris Crompton
Question: How does this scale? In other words, how does this company generate economies of scale if most beers are personalized beers? Or are the AI optimizations only running 2-3 possible changes to minimize needing a unique beer for each customer?
Rob McInerney
@chris_crompton1 Hey Chris. Great question. To be clear, in theory we can use the technology to optimise a single mass market beer for everyone, or a whole range of different beers, potentially even one for each customer. Now, it’s obviously more expensive to make individual beers than it is large volume batches. In actual fact, our supply chain (I.e., the breweries we work with) puts a constraint on the number of different products we can make at any time. Our core approach is to optimise product clusters and supply chain at the same time (constrained optimisation) - if we discover a new product needs to be made, then we expand our supply chain! This approach can pretty much be applied to all consumer products, even services as well. The problem we’re solving is universal, hence we believe this is infinitely scalable.
Dan Dan
Something tells me that it's not a viable business to make a custom batch of beer for each person out there. So how does this AI work?
Rob McInerney
@tostartafire Hey Dan, check out my answer to Chris above. Although you’re right, it’s not viable to make a single beer for everyone yet - as we expand our supply chain and manufacturing becomes more efficient, the possibility is there to do just that.
Wade Armstrong
So sometimes I want a porter, sometimes an IPA, sometimes a pilsner, sometimes a sour, depending on my mood and what I'm eating. Is the AI able to distinguish between an individual's different use cases (or can I just tell the AI)?
Susan Kim
Intelligent enough to have an excellent beer while I was in London!!! I truly love the product :)
susan cingari
I am a reporter and want to do a story on this, my target demo is men
Zhenya Kazaryan
Nice !!!