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David O'Callaghan
👋 Hey Product Hunt, I’m Dave the co-creator of Method (along side @moreofmorris). A little while ago I got feedback from my manager that I was over promising and underdelivering to my team. I’d felt this too, I was feeling overwhelmed with my workload and could feel myself constantly jumping from project to project without actually finishing anything. I’d tried to get more organised by using to-do lists and similar tasks management apps but nothing seemed to be working. This is when I realised that in order to organise my workload effectively I’d need to see my calendar at the same time so I can see how much time I’ve actually got available. I checked out a few products that offered a similar solution but they felt too complex for what I needed to so I decided to create Method. Since day one, we’ve been focused on keeping Method simple and focused on helping people get on top of their workload. If your feeling like you need a better way to organise your day and get on top of your workload, then give it go. We’d love to hear what you think and where we can improve. Method is $12/month with a 30-day free trial to give you plenty of time to figure out if it works for you. We’d love to get your thoughts and answer any questions you may have around Method or the product development process 🙂
@moreofmorris @ocallaghandavid What's the differentiating factor between this and the similar products out there? For example, looks really similar to
Ashley Read
I've been lucky enough to use Method during the beta phase and have found it incredibly useful for planning out my tasks and organizing my time each day.  I've found it simple to use and the Google Calendar integration is 🔥- really helps me to plan my "focus" time around various meetings I might have in my calendar. Congrats on the launch @ocallaghandavid @moreofmorris
Francesco D'Alessio
Congrats on the launch guys! @ocallaghandavid + @moreofmorris 🌲 I managed to review it in a first impressions video 🌟 A very attractive minimal application for those who want to merge tasks + calendar blocking! 📽️ Here's the Method overview:
Brian Peters
Congrats on the launch @ocallaghandavid _ @moreofmorris 🎉 Super useful tool that I use on a daily basis in order to ensure that I'm making the most of the little time I have between meetings and other projects. And the Google Calendar integration works perfectly. Great work!
Nick Simard
Looking at the screenshots, this appears to be exactly what I’ve been looking for. A list of tasks that I can drag to my day and then timeblock. But $12/month seems kinda steep, considering all the free (or less expensive) tools out there. I was hoping to read more about Method on the website but it’s pretty sparse at the moment, unfortunately. I’ll give the trial a whirl to see if that convinces me 😃
David O'Callaghan
@nicksimard Hey Nick 👋thanks for the feedback on the price and landing page - we'll get some more info up soon :) In the meantime we'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have :)
Nick Simard
@ocallaghandavid Thanks! I'm sure these are things that you know and probably have planned but here are some things that would be useful. 1. Duplicate a task. 2. More easily have tasks span blocks of time (like making it stick to divider lines). I could also envision double-clicking the block to make it span another 30 minutes, or better yet make it configurable. 3. Change the color of those blocks, to better differentiate tasks. Adding little icons might also help things to stand out. 4. Add a way to either see the calendar details or link to the full entry in Google Calendar. Overall, I do enjoy the workflow of having a list of tasks, dragging them over to my "active" list and then figuring out when I want to do them and for how long. Hard to believe nobody else has done this (at least not in a way that's straightforward, that I've found).
Ryan Roberts
I'm liking it right away, the simplicity is lovely. But there's a couple things that don't sit right with me at the moment… - $12 a month is too pricey, I'm not telling you what to charge but for me I wouldn't be willing to subscribe. - Limit the calendar to working hours would be useful, I don't need to see hours outside 9am-5pm :P
Suprasanna Mishra
I've been using Method in beta for a few weeks and I've found it a great compliment to my existing todo list and daily workflow! For me, I've tried basically every todo app out there; I used OmniFocus for a few years before switching to using Things for the past 6 months or so. The challenge I kept facing with Things was picking what I "had to" get done each morning only to have other tasks pile on through the day and inevitably ending the day with some unfinished tasks. That didn't feel good and it often meant I had to message people and say "actually, I'll have that for you tomorrow not today!". I've had that happen much less often with Method. My current set up is looking through my various sections in my todo app for what I want to do today then putting those things into Method. This is the 'reality check'. I almost always find I have too long a list and have to face the reality that I won't get to everything I think I "have" to do. This forcing function has been the most beneficial part for me - time is going to make those tradeoffs for me anyway so Method just lets me get ahead of that and make those decisions at the start of the day. Overall, I'd tell the creators that the simplicity is awesome and lets me have it open in a tab all day and easily know if I'm ahead, on track or behind for the day and if I need to shuffle things around at all. I wish there was an easier way to pull in todos from something like Things but integrations like that can get messy fast and copy/paste takes just a few minutes in the morning. Overall, the product is solid, useful and, most impressive of all, found a way to stick into my existing workflow so I don't have to overhaul everything to start getting value out of it. Great stuff @ocallaghandavid and @moreofmorris! 🚀
Jarno Veldhuis
Cool! Would like to make recurring tasks to make it useful for my needs.
Robert Loustau
This looks great. Perfect way for me to organise my stuff. Signed up to the free trial, but for $12 a month, more than Prime, Spotify, Netflix, Audible, 2 Digital Ocean droplets....... you can see where this is going...
George Ortiz
Does this integrate with Office/Outlook 365 calendar?
David O'Callaghan
@grgortiz just Google calendar at the min but we are looking into other calendar integrations 😀
Anna Filou
@grgortiz @ocallaghandavid is it possible to use the calendar independently of my Google calendar? I use it for events, and it'd get pretty messy with tasks.
David O'Callaghan
@anna_0x Hey Anna, yep :) You don't have to connect your Google Calendar, instead you can just book time out in Method for your tasks without your calendar events showing.
Pedro Wunderlich
The antidote for to-do list over crowding is time blocking. Before making that massive list of stuff one wants to accomplish, time blocking helps see just how little time there is for things in a day. Method looks fantastic! Simple and powerful. But like a lot of people here, I'm already paying for a PM app for my team, a team chat sub, and a persona planning app, all of which are below your $12 / mo price point. I'd be happy to sub, but the price is definitely steep, specially compared to Sorted3, an iPhone app that auto-schedules your daily tasks for you (which is $15, lifetime purchase, and a Mac app on the way). Would love to know how you arrived at the $12 / mo price, and what's in the pipeline in terms of features. Perhaps there's value that we can't yet see here.
Roman Arellano
What if you don't complete a to-do task? Do you get some type of warning?
David O'Callaghan
@romanarellano Not right now, we've heard quite a bit that tasks may take more than a single day to complete so it didn't feel right to have a warning unless it's totally necessary.
Shaomeng Zhang
Congrats on the launch! Really refreshing idea! My 2 cents: - I didn't expect this to be a website, a mobile/desktop app in the works? - Could it just use two columns? One for your todos and one for the calendar view? - Could it accept drag and drop from anywhere? Like dropping a text from another todo app to integrate with existing apps... What if an existing calendar app started copying this feature? How would you sustain the attack?
Anna Filou
Honestly very very expensive for what it does. I don't doubt it's useful but its functionality can be replicated using free tools; that wouldn't be as convenient for sure but worth the 12$/month (144$ a year!) difference for sure. Please consider lowering the price or offering a heavy discount for the purchase of 12 months at once (yearly subscription).
João Victor Gelio
Cool, but expensive
Michael Goldstrom
How does this compare with Which offers a free tier?
Anna Filou
@goldstrom thanks for recommending this! Looks similar, I will sign up to test it out. At first glace, Plan is aimed mostly at teams and people can assign tasks to each other (there is a 'personal' tier though for 1 person). It also pulls in tasks from other platforms through integrations. In that way it's supposed to become a central hub for time blocking all of your tasks and meetings that may or may not have been created in other apps/services. Method is simpler and only for a single person managing their own time. Maybe best suited to freelancers or people who don't need to cooperate on such a deep level with their coworkers. Overall Method does not seem to be trying to take on Plan; it's more of a minimal, de-bloated alternative. That brings us back to the pricing though: Plan = more features = free forever / Method = few features = 144$/year... 😕
Michael Goldstrom
@anna_0x merci
Manoj Nayak
Seems there is no two way sync. Events scheduled on Method, doesn't show up in google calendar ?
David O'Callaghan
@exist2016 Hey Manoj, we haven't built that functionality out just yet. There are a few use cases that we need to get more details on before we can create an good solution there 😃
Manoj Nayak
Very similar to Focuster
Owen George
Love the UI and Concept been looking for tools like this for a long time... a little rich for the pricing in comparison to more feature rich products like for less but excited to see where the product goes.