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Scientifically designed font to help remember study notes

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Will a student please try this and report back? I believe in it.
Sungho Yahng
This looks awesome. Thank you for making such a thing. I would like to use this for my commercial project. Can you tell me what the license is?
Akshay Moorthy
Interesting Research. Really a mass adoption and feedback would help.
Clarence Wee
Nice to see my typography lecturer’s work here.
Pros: It looks a great idea at first Probable Cons: After a while your brain should/will adopt the typeface and effect of hard reading should/will disappear. I would love to hear results after long usage 🙂
Amos Gyamfi
Very well done
Saad Kamal
Interesting idea. Would love to give this a try.
Matthew Gold
Kind of misleading to cite a 7% performance increase but not provide the study that produced those results, especially since it was done in collaboration with RMIT.
Vikrant Ramteke
This could be used in creating very powerful advertising campaigns. ⚡
Tolga Mırmırık
That looks like very promising and I'll definitely give it a try. Is there any scientific research result/paper or statistics behind the research that you can share with us? That would be very helpful to me.
Kevin Burton
I've been working on an offline browser with support for annotations and spaced repetition and was considering adding this as a standard font:
Etienne Juneau
Appreciate the plug
Eli Or
Looks like a troll but... wanna try it!
Yevgen Sadko
Good mission for font! ) Can you show the details? What is the increase of memorability of this font compared to Helvetica, Times, Calibri, ...?
Elizabeth S Hunker
Doesn't long term memory function from integrating information via 'understanding' - or, in a cinch, mneumonics? Not sure how making the text a higher-friction input would help with memory... @marty
Nice work! I don't know much about the research and the reasoning behind this product—but I love the creativity in the name. And for that reason, I'm curious to see what it can do. Plus, it can't hurt to try.
Haoyang Feng
Works or not, it's definitely an interesting & cool idea. I would also use it in a logo 👍