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Donald Trump Reviews

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Adam Treister
Hi Everyone, After seeing so much unproductive political conversation on social media and the news, I thought I'd try something new. I built this app for citizens around the world to share their opinion and engage in constructive political conversation about Donald Trump. My hope is that with enough participation and reviews, we can map political sentiment around the world, so that we can move past the arguing and "political theater," and focus on real problems in society. Whether you are republican, democrat or something in between, you're welcome to join the conversation. Feel free to take a look, and let me know what you think. This is my first public launch so feedback is welcome!
Annie Milton
I'm really wondering how people come up with this kind of ideas :D :D Amazing!
Tabitha Addy
@ani_hakobyan that’s good and expensive to know
Igityan Hayarpy
Want Putin version too
Sara Pelaez
This is such a great idea! Giving a voice to anyone from any kind of background is so awesome! Have you thought of scaling this in and outside the U.S.? And also, it would be interesting to me to be able to see in the future other variables such as age, profession..etc. Great job!
Kristen Rayford
I see blood pressure ads everywhere lol president Donald Jobs cheeto head Trumpernickel🍞 jk
Adam Treister
What other politicians would folks like to see?
Ricardo Vázquez
@adamtreister every president in the world
Adam Treister
Nice idea @ric2z. Where are you from?
Rajesh Kumar
@adamtreister We would like to see Narendra Modi, India's Prime Minister, Is it possible for you to share the app code so that I can use and manage everything by myself... including, domain name, hosting & promotion, moderation etc..
Avjinder Sekhon
@adamtreister Would love something like this for Indian PM Narendra Modi. He's been a highly divisive and polarizing leader, and it'd be great to see what everyone thinks of him. He claims the country loves him but everyone I speak to has nothing but disgust for him and his policies. It'd be great to find out what the truth is.
Vishal Nema
@adamtreister Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Peter Fox
@adamtreister wouldn't mind one for political parties in the UK
Alena Sergeeva
@adamtreister I think, all politicans should be presented. It would be a good concepted social network. Let users suggest persons on the site.
Ricardo Vázquez
@adamtreister Originally from Venezuela.
Luca Hollis
Could you add other politicians? From other countries?
Chris Scott
I’d actually like to use this platform for creating polls for my own audience.
Maurizio Martinoli
@adamtreister Very cool idea. Would you share the code to use your "engine" in other countries for other politicians?
Matt Kukurugya
Absolutely brilliant! This product will revolutionize how people discuss political leadership in the United States. It's about time that we have a platform that allows for constructive debate across the aisle. Donald Trump Reviews is also a new framework for politicians to have direct feedback from their constituency. Can't wait to see this product take off!