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Video Standups Automation by Standuply

Spend less time on standups with automated agendas and calls

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Alex Kistenev
Hey, Product Hunt πŸŽ‰ Alex is here along with @artem_borodin, co-founders of, the #1 Slack bot for Project Management. It serves thousands of customers including Slack, IBM, Adobe and other great companies. Today we prepared something extraordinary for you guys 😎 If you run standups via video conferencing and they take too much of your team’s time, here’s why it happens: ❌ team members come unprepared; ❌ it takes time to initiate every call; ❌ unrelated discussions arise; We know how to solve that (Artem taught 500 managers on Project Management classes in between working on Standuply). Here’s the step-by-step guide: 1️⃣ Configure Standuply to gather standup meeting agenda before a video call, so that team members start thinking about their progress and obstacles in the first place. 2️⃣ Let Standuply share all the answers with team members so everyone reads them before the meeting and can prepare questions and comments right away. 3️⃣ At a scheduled time send a link to everyone to join a video conference call via (no installation required). Sounds like a complicated setup? But what if I tell you that it will take less than 2 minutes to configure it all and put your standups on autopilot. Imagine the ROI: 2 minutes spent, hundreds of hours saved πŸ‘ Check it out and let us know what you think. Cheers, Alex CEO of Standuply
Artem Borodin
Hey PH folks, ask the promo code in the comments as the special deal from us :)
Ali Khalil
@artem_borodin @sprinter Alex, I'm really proud to see you guys coming a long way through this tool! I remember the first days! :D good job!
Evgeny Kruglov
Wow, wow, wow, polegche! 🀟🏼
Alex Kistenev
@tahorg hey man! thanks for your support.
Evgeny Kruglov
@sprinter you're always welcome!
Alex, Artem. You are cool!
Alex Kistenev
@dmitryiv you too, congrats with a great launch on Monday. You had a serious competitor.
Chris Buttenham
Great update guys! πŸ’ͺ
Federico Jorge
Nice Slack add on!
Nihongo Master
Anything to make daily standups easier!
Alex Kistenev
@masternihongo thanks =)
JD Crabtree
Hey Alex, what defines an active respondent?
Alex Kistenev
@jd_yaguara it's a person who's on your standup reports. Let's say you picked 6 people to be asked by Standuply. All of them are active respondents.
Alex Jae Mitchell
Looks awesome! +1 for integration.
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! 😊 Very useful for conference calling, should be integrated into other conference app
Henry Kozontic
Nice! I am a Slack junkie, using this app with my team for some time now and really liking it. Nice to see you guys here on PH