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Jon Sharratt
Hey Product Hunters! We are looking for some feedback of our new CI platform that focuses on paying per minute and unlimited concurrency unlike many of the other competitors out there. We also have first class GitHub App integration so teams can stay within the tooling they are used to rather than context switching. We want to ensure every team never has to wait for a build ever again! On top of this we treat Docker as a first class citizen along with support for monorepos to allow efficient builds to only run when needed plus much more. All feedback very welcome as we currently looking to validate market fit as we appreciate it is a very crowded space. We believe there is room to disrupt the billing model and focussing on collaboration and allowing product teams to easily get CI pipelines running from day one. No specialists required. If you do have any ideas or have problems with your current CI setup we would love to hear them so we can improve our product!