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Cryptocurrency multi-wallet & dApp platform

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Kyel Seo
Yo! Wanna introduce our awesome app, Clay! We always thought there are no easy cryptocurrency wallet, though we all need it. So we made a brand-new wallet, with powerful features & simplest UX. Features - Ethereum, Ontology Blockchain Wallet - Automated Full support of ERC-20 tokens - Push notification of deposit / withdrawal - Exchange Wallet - Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC (Transfer / trade available here) - Easy Ethereum Token Swap with ETH wallet (in a minute without sign-up & KYC verification) - powered by Kyber Network - All of your data is stored with encryption, in your device. (No threat of hacking) - We also made Coinmanager, which is No.1 cryptocurrency wallet & platform in South Korea. and got investment from Hashed, one of the best & trusted cryptocurrency investor. So Feel free to use our service, more blockchain platform & exchange wallet & dApps to be added soon.
Dennis Jones
Great job. carry on!
nate embrey
@kyel_seo, this app looks beautiful. Well done there! Can I ask if how you guys manage KYC?
Kyel Seo
@nateembrey Thanks nate! We're doing this with collaboration with some of KYC solutions, for example partnership with Synopsis solutions and their decentralized KYC project,
Clay LeConey
Nicely done. Looks and sounds great. Emerging tech ✔️ Unmet market need ✔️ Elegant solution ✔️ Sexy UI ✔️ Consistent branding ✔️ Clear message ✔️ That's all pretty solid but also replicable. The differentiator is whether you can execute. I have a good feeling about it though. There's something about the name that just speaks to me.
Kyel Seo
@clay_leconey Haha thanks Clay! Nice name. We agree about your comment, and wallet is now replicable but we should move so further.