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Luna Display

Hardware that turns the iPad into a wireless second display

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Chris Messina
Wait, what? What about Duet Display For iPad Pro
Alex White
@chrismessina Yeah I'd really like to see some info on how this is better than Duet Display which doesn't require a separate dongle
Matt Ronge
@chrismessina That’s a great question Here are some ways in which Luna Display compares to Duet: - We can drive all iPads at the full native Retina resolutions (Duet is limited to 1080p, and doesn’t necessarily fit the size of the iPad) - The Mac sees Luna as a real display, so we are robust and reliable (Unlike Duet which requires software extensions that break very frequently) - As a result of being a real display, we get complete GPU acceleration across all apps - We have an ultra crisp picture on the display and are perceptually lossless - Luna is much lower latency, 16 to 32ms on Wifi, (Duet uses AirPlay which is typically 32 to 64ms) - Luna was built for Wifi from the beginning, we have a proprietary display protocol called Liquid that was built for low latency and high resolution on Wifi networks For a comparison from a third party, check out this video done by iMore:
Stowe Boyd
@chrismessina @mronge What if I already am driving another display? Dpes that work? And related, can you drive more than one Luna from a Mac?
Matt Ronge
@chrismessina @stoweboyd You can use Luna with other displays as well. In fact I'm driving a 5K LG and a 12.9" iPad Pro with Luna from my 2016 MacBook Pro right now. And sadly, we only support one Luna at a time.
Joshua Pinter
@chrismessina @stoweboyd @mronge As a long-time user of Duet that switched to a USB powered HDMI screen because the lag was too bad, I'm really keen to try this out.
Chris Messina
@mronge @joshuapinter those differences sound pretty compelling. Pretty impressed you're able to get that kind of performance over a wireless connection!
Mike K
@chrismessina I've been using Duet for a while now and I'm looking for a hardware solution instead. Because as many people said: the lag can be pretty bad and the resolution is typically 720p or 1080p that leaves blank 1/4 of the display at the bottom.
@chrismessina @mronge now that’s how you deliver an answer!
Owen Far
A good reason for me to buy the larger iPad. Awesome!
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! Can this be ever used on Windows ? Cause duet display had that capability to do so !! I’m eagerly waiting for an Windows version
Lee Qixian
@ayush_chandra I came here wanting to say this as well. Why isn't there like an Windows and Android pairing solution out there... I'll keep my hopes up though given how Microsoft has been embracing android more and more.
Elizabeth S Hunker
Yes. Yes. 1000x Yes. @mronge @gdonelli @lunadisplayhq
Tim Edmonds
Awesomeness. Great latency numbers. Any more info on your Liquid codec? How is the WiFi contention? Is it WiFi p2p?
Joshua Pinter
#ProTip: This pairs perfectly with MountiePlus:
Babken Karapetyan
For Apple users one of the best tools
Stephen Hakami
Amazing! I'm a big duet fan but this looks far better. Congrats
Albert Dong
This is awesome. Could it turn your iPad into a drawing tablet for Adobe products as well?
Matt Ronge
@albertdong_ Yup! It works with our Astropad software out of the box as well!
Konstantinos Sevdinoglou
This is one of my fastest purchases made ever! Looks great! Will come back and share my thoughts after I receive and use it for a while but great job @mronge and @gdonelli !
Martin Streicher
I love my Luna! Works flawlessly!
Ashiya Brown
Pulled the trigger! I have an iMAC and iPad Pro but not a traditional Macbook Pro/Air at home so very excited to try this out :)
Siranush Hovhannisyan
this is awesome
Nathaniel Cook
Can you use use the display of a second Macbook Pro instead of an iPad as the second display?
Tim Raiter
Looks very promising, just bought it, will try!
Alfonso C. Betancort
Your site sunk... 🤕
Shut up and take my money.
Guillaume Bardet
I finally found a good use for my iPad lol awesome work guys!