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Macaw for Twitter

A free iOS app with the top-liked tweets from your network

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Props to Zach for a creative take on Twitter consumption in 2018. Finding that I open this app first for a quick dive through tweets as opposed to the client. It's just a refreshing and thoughtful remix on how to find interesting and niche activity.
Adam Besvinick
No one thinks of and builds cool products on top of Twitter like this duo (ie see Daily One Forty). This is no exception.
Zach Hamed
@besvinick 🙌🏽 thanks Adam!
Matthew Achariam
I've been using the beta for a couple months. Macaw consistently surfaces interesting things that I would have otherwise missed. Faves and follows in certain cases are more valuable than what people tweet—It feels closer to a persons thinking and intent.
Zach Hamed
@achariam thanks Matt! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Dave Ambrose
I've been using Macaw as a beta tester for a few weeks now and I must day, it's changed how I consume Twitter for different perspective outside of my normal Timeline. what's neat about Macaw is that it helps to surface likes, recent follows or new trends (remember the old "Discover" section Twitter multiple versions ago?) that I wouldn't otherwise see. if you're a power Twitter user, this should sit in your dock. also, @zmh is *crazy* responsive on bugs or feature requests.
Zach Hamed
@daveambrose Hahaha, thanks Dave! 🙌🏽
Kunal Tandon
Twitter hasn’t done a great job of surfacing a lot of the magic and signals that exist right between the surface, Macaw brings that magic to the forefront for all.
Joey Tawadrous
"I'm moving all 3,372 of our employees onto Russian bot prevention efforts. It's not worth building an official app when you have apps like Macaw." - Did Jack Dorsey really say that?
Zach Hamed
Hi everyone! Thanks for reading / voting. Wanted to give some insight into why I built this and why you might find it useful. With 2000+ users now signed up to use Daily140 (, one common suggestion was to build an experience that works with your existing overall Twitter network instead of individual users. Twitter now occasionally inserts activity-based tweets into your timeline (e.g. if you follow me, you’ll see “Zach liked this tweet” or “Zach followed this user”). If 5 of the people who you follow like a particular tweet, chances are good that you should read that tweet. Same with users: if a lot of the people you follow suddenly start following a user, chances are good you might want to follow them too. Twitter does this on and off today, but only if you have the algorithmic feed on. And if you want to turn that off (or hack it like, you’ll get only 1 or 2 of those suggestions each day. So I built an app where the whole premise is these suggestions. Why download it? 1. It ends up being a decent summary of Twitter at the end of the day. I don’t need to check Twitter as frequently, and I still get the best content 2. You’ll get a more diverse cross-section of tweets and users. You may not care about some of it, but you’ll definitely discover at least one tweet you wouldn’t have seen otherwise (because you don’t follow that user) or a new user you wouldn’t have known about 3. It’s free and fun and an experiment, so why not? Thanks again, and all feedback welcome! 🙌🏽😁
Emanuele Ricci
No android love 😭
Zach Hamed
@stermi wouldn’t be too hard to build if there’s enough demand! Will let you know 😄
Emanuele Ricci
@zmh where should I sign? I'm a twitter power user, twitter is my default RSS feed :D I would love to have something like that to use! Please please please!
Emanuele Ricci
@zmh I'm your android beta tester. I'm ready to rock on 🤘
Greg Jeanneau
@stermi @zmh Would love an Android version! Or web/email lite version in the meantime 👍
Josh Cope
Nice, this is really useful
Is there anyway to exclude users from this? Pretty much all that shows up for me are replies to @pixelatedboat tweets.
John Kaldor
Cool product. Looking forward to playing around with it. Curious what the story behind the name is?
Hayden Evans
@jkaldor3 I'll take a stab at what the story behind the name is: A macaw is a bird. Twitter's logo is a bird. That's it.
Great tool. Twitter timelines suck 😞
Hayden Evans
Just curious - what purpose do fake testimonials serve? I get that it's a joke, but a bit cliche at this point.
Zahin Alwa
@hayden_evans I agree. You don't need to create fake content for publicity if the product is great, user-friendly and solves a problem. I guess that these testimonials were made to add some humor. @zmh Useful product, minimal design and a lovely logo! Way to go 👏
Guillaume Bardet
Nice work Zach, any plans for a web version? I would probably find myself using a web version for something like this.
Hans van Gent
Great stuff, the only thing I seem to be missing right now (or am I overlooking something) is a dark mode, any plans for that? :-)
Zach Wendkos
I like this idea, but the app simply does not work, and the design has issues too. Why does this have so many upvotes?