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Halloween Flix

World’s largest free horror movie “screaming” service 👻

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Luky Vj
Nice one! Will be useful! But I have one recommendation! Why not using Algolia for your search? It would add so much more smoothness in the experience!
Ryan James
@lukyvj thanks for your comment and we'll surely look into this!
Nick Walter
Haha so creepy yet so good! Where did you get all the movies?
Ryan James
@nickchuckwalter Hi Nick, thanks for your message! We source the content for Halloween Flix via partnerships we have with several studios and content libraries as well as from the public domain. Let me know if you have any other questions!
Ryan James
Hi Product Hunters! Just in time for Halloween, we at Unreel.me, an OTT platform, wish to present you Halloween Flix, one of the largest, free collections of bone-chilling horror movies ever assembled; from cult-classic hits to modern gore-fests. Halloween Flix, which is available on the web, Roku, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, also features viral videos from Halloweens past, and costume tips and tutorials from makeup artists so your vampire makeup, wounds and bruises, or werewolf fangs will impress at your next Halloween party. We look forward to your feedback and Happy Halloween! Ryan
Albert Runna
Creepy good!