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Customer acquisition as a service

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Misha Chellam
Has anyone actually used this product? I've heard about it before but haven't gone as far as signing up. Seems like a great concept, I'd love to hear how it works in practice.
Ryan Hoover
Curious to hear from others that have used it as well. Effectively, it's a consulting service from what I gather and may not have the right skillset for all types of companies or growth stages. Advser also comes to mind as another "people as a service" company.
Daniel Jefferies
Would be much more compelling if the pricing was contingent on actual lead generation. Sales and lead gen "advice" or "consulting" is everywhere. More offers like that just get lost in the noise for me.
Miles Varghese
@heydjeff A big +1. Pricy. Cannot justify that cost even as a startup w signficant seed funding. I see some big names on there - so I'm guessing a different market?