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Easiest way to create and share interactive videos

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Ryan Hoover
Zeega isn’t particularly new (Matter-backed startup launched mid-2013) but I wanted to call attention to an interesting trend of mashup UGC communities. Zeega provides a canvas to mix music/audio + video + GIFs + imagery into a slideshow-like presentation. Users can also remix these creations, adding their own twist (which leads to fascinating opportunities for celebrity and brand engagement). Here are a few fun examples: - Now This News (12/6) - http://zeega.com/160066 - A Short History of the Animated GIF - http://zeega.com/158038 - There will be corgis. - http://zeega.com/152352 Other products in this space: - ReadyMag - https://readymag.com - Tapestry (betaworks product cc @nchirls) - https://readtapestry.com - NewHive - http://thenewhive.com - CheckThis (@fredd & team moved onto the awesome Frontback) -http://checkthis.com/ Big question is how do these platforms translate to the more constrained, bandwidth strapped mobile interface?
Nathan Bashaw
The slideshow aspect of this is pretty interesting. I enjoyed watching (?) the "this week in zeega" news things. The real key with stuff like this is content, though. I think it's probably too much work to make a good gif slide deck for most people to casually do it. Zeega should totally partner with buzzfeed to make content in zeega form. That, I would enjoy.