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The one card to replace every other card

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Ben Broca
i never bought something so fast. read a tweet about it, went to their mobile responsive website, watch the awesomely made of the product, got hooked, clicked on pre-order, saw there was a "limited number of pre-orders available" with "50% if preordered now". pre-ordered without having to give my full address, just credit card info. BRAVO.
Ryan Hoover
Whoever was behind Coin's PR and marketing is a genius. Knock (to unlock) also had an amazing video/landing page that got a ton of attention.
Derek Shanahan
Agreed. The rollout was masterful. I bought it and don't have credit cards! Totally a "here take my money".
Ben Broca
@dshan how come you don't have credit cards? young money cash money?
Derek Shanahan
@bencera_ exact opposite. ran up debt on my very first business and destroyed my credit. ;)
Ryan Hoover
@dshan has an excellent, vulnerable essay of his experience in startupland -
Derek Shanahan
@ryan thanks for sharing:) moar writing this coming new year
Jonah Kaner
@rrhoover I agree 100%. As good as the product appears to be, the video is what knocked it out of the park. It was done by Sandwich ( who has also done videos for Knock, Breaking News and Summly, among many others.
Furqan Rydhan
@dshan felt that same pain before. Reading your story made me think of my own. Glad you wrote it, please write more!
Jack Smith
@rrhoover What's funny is that Coin CEO Kanishk did the PR and he has zero experience in marketing/PR; he's a software engineer by trade. Whilst Kanishk did get some help; as @JonahKaner outlines, @lonelysandwich made the video, whilst @VSCPR‎ helped out as the PR agency. That said; I think that overall Kanishk just did the basics and did them exceptionally well. He briefed tech publications about 2-3 weeks before the launch and they all loved it.
Austin Sandmeyer