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⛄HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM WOODCUT MAPS! ⛄ Order your holiday gifts by December 11th for delivery by December 24th (USA destinations only).

How It Works

Choose a Location

Frame a composition around any special spot in the world, just as if you were taking a photo.

Select Materials

Choose from our selection of exotic hardwood veneers, and preview your design instantly. Each map has a unique pattern of wood grain.

Receive Your Map

A few weeks later, a hand-crafted wood-inlay map of your own design arrives at your home for hanging or framing.

What People Are Saying

  • For our 2 year anniversary I got my girlfriend a woodcut map of the spot where we first met, and she loved it. The contrasting shapes of wood veneer made Chelsea, NYC look like a piece of art. Simple and elegant, the abstraction of streets normally recognizable to New Yorkers invites people to take a second look, and creates a private bond between gift-giver and recipient.

    — Haan Lee

    I really dig creative work that turns a sense of place into art. That's why I'm really getting a kick out of WoodcutMaps.com, which uses Google Maps to create really great geometric art—some clearly map-like, others much more abstract.

    Basically, you choose the view that matters to you. They make it art.

  • — Ann Harris

    I always thought the place I lived was a work of art. Now it really is.

    — KC Gleason

    I love my Woodcut Map of SF and its waters. The Bay Area’s interesting geography is well captured by the subtle wood tones. I’ve lived in SF for 3 years and this laser-cut map is a perfect reminder of the blend of high-tech and historical feel of the city. I’m stoked to have it on my wall.

    — Vaughn Koch

  • My Woodcut Map, an overview of a neighborhood in Paris, is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship. It presents me with a new way of relating to the place where I used to live: the features I knew at ground level, the beautiful ones I admired every day and the ugly ones I stopped noticing after a week, have all become pieces in a landscape, simple shapes stripped of political data and cultural noise.

    — Daniel Levin Becker

  • Your house or apartment
  • A friend’s hometown
  • Where you work
  • Where you had your first kiss
  • The site of your favorite vacation

About & Contact

Want your own coaster set? Woodcut map tabletop? Or a mural-sized wall? We can do it all! Contact us and we’ll create a woodcut map to any specification you can dream up!

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