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Ryan Hoover
I love GIFs. I have an idea for a mobile version of LoudGIF ( that I think has legs. (@ShaanVP knows what I'm talking about!). I'm a fan of what the Giphy folks are building (cc @lexilewtan & @nchirls). They have a few devs building interesting hacks using their API -
Ryan Hoover
Oh, and remember Blippy used to be purchase sharing service? Odd pivot. Would love to hear the backstory behind this.
ash bhoopathy
Woah, I remember when Blippy used to be that credit card based social network, now deadpooled. (
Nick O'Neill
@rrhoover this isn't a pivot it was simply a name acquisition.
Ryan Hoover
Thanks, @allnick. I scanned and misread the TC article.